What is Global Mobility?


The world is more connected now. The workforce, many corporations, and people who want to diversify their investments have moved beyond their own borders. Now, more than ever, it’s important to be able to move around the globe freely. Having the ability to relocate as you please, work in different nations, and invest your wealth in different countries is an opportunity to both grow your wealth and protect it, as well as safeguard against instability.

To understand why global mobility is important to you as an investor, we must first understand what it is. 


Global Mobility Explained

Global mobility, in its most simple terms, is the ability to move seamlessly from one country to another in both business and your personal life. This term is frequently used in companies that are either multinational or moving in that direction. It’s an expensive and complicated ability to gain, but there are a few tricks to achieving global mobility for individuals. While the term itself is often used in the business sphere, it isn’t relegated to that world alone. Individuals and families can achieve global mobility with all the benefits that come with it. 


Why Global Mobility is Important

Having global mobility isn’t only important to companies that are growing beyond their own country, it’s an opportunity for someone to venture into the global market and manage their wealth with greater protections available to them. While global mobility in and of itself is a way to escape economic and political instability, whenever it surfaces, the benefits of being able to move freely in and out of nations are what is important to you; mainly that global mobility brings financial freedom.

By having the ability to reside in different countries and invest, work, or expand your business into them, you’re given a release from the financial structures you were previously held in. You can choose, based on your unique situation, where to invest your money and to spread your wealth throughout the global markets for greater protection. During times of crisis and economic fallout, having your wealth invested in a stable country and market is paramount to continuing to prosper and protect what you already have. 

Global mobility doesn’t only give you the ability to live where you please and to enjoy the world, it provides shelter of two kinds: sheltering your wealth from regulations and crises, as well as providing personal protection if you find yourself in a national crisis. Take, for example, the fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic. It highlighted how fragile global markets can be and how important it is to escape a crisis mismanaged. Those who have global mobility were able to protect their wealth in numerous countries and take advantage of vaccine rollouts in nations that had them. 

Having the ability to travel freely isn’t only leisure, it can be a protection.


How to Gain Global Mobility

Seeing how important having global mobility is, why is it that so few people have it? It is an easy answer, it’s very difficult to achieve and very expensive. Moving through many different countries, being able to work in them, bringing your family, all require a lot of preparation, agreements, paperwork, and often have unpredictable difficulties. One major hurdle to having global mobility is that it’s a lengthy and time-consuming process for individuals.

So, then, how do families and individuals gain global mobility if not the head of a multinational corporation? One of the best ways available that brings both financial freedom and global mobility in a single package is through Citizenship by Investment programmes. Many countries offer a CBI program or something similar to it, but they are not all equal.

The heroes of Citizenship by Investment are the Caribbean countries: Grenada, St. Kitts, Dominica, Antigua, Barbuda, and Saint Lucia. They themselves handle CBI differently in terms of minimum single investment into an approved development, applicant fees, and what benefits or other regulations, they are still some of the best Citizenship by Investment programmes in the world.  

Some of the specific benefits that come with Caribbean CBI programs include:

  • Doing business becomes easier
  • Obtaining the coveted E2 Visa to the United States (via Grenada citizenship)
  • Opportunity for tax optimisation in different countries, where some only tax income earned in their own country and are not subject to capital gains
  • Global income tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax, and wealth tax are not imposed in Caribbean countries
  • Global mobility extends to the whole family and can be passed down through generations
  • No residency requirement

Citizenship by Investment not only offers many avenues to gain global mobility, but it also carries with it essential tools to protect your wealth and manage it better without being over-taxed by the government. What is global mobility? It’s the ability to be a global citizen and Citizenship by Investment gives you the means to achieve that along with growing your wealth and protecting both it and your loved ones from instability.


Gain Global Mobility with Range Developments

At Range Developments, we understand the importance of global mobility and how it works into financial freedom, wealth protection, and guarding against instability. We have been a leader in Caribbean Citizenship by Investment real estate development programs for over a decade. We work in close collaboration with the governments of Grenada, St. Kitts and Dominica to create financially sound opportunities for our investors. Due to our experience and relationships, we are a proven pathway to gaining global mobility for our investors and have a track record of completed Citizenship by Investment projects, even being the only developer to have successfully completed luxury hotel resorts in the Caribbean.

Now that you understand what global mobility is and the benefits it brings beyond travel, it’s important to know whom to align with in order to gain it. If you have any questions about your investment options in the Caribbean and how to gain global mobility to protect you, your family, and your wealth, please contact our consultants today to learn more about Citizenship by Investment programmes and begin your journey towards true global mobility. 

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