$1M Commitment to Food Security in Grenada


When it comes to island economies, the urgency to improve food security and develop self-sufficiency is undeniable. In the case of Grenada, the island has been blessed with fertile soil and climate that make this goal entirely possible. Despite of that, the island’s import food bill stands at approximately EC 1 Billion.

In order to minimize the dependency on imports and create a shift to satisfy the supply chain demand locally, Range Developments is supporting a collaborative, ground-up approach across multiple sectors in Grenada, to achieve this common goal. As a token of its commitment to the cause, Range Developments has committed $1M to support the island’s sustainable development efforts.

In partnership with Adult and Teen Challenge Grenada (ATC Grenada), several other community organizations and small businesses, these efforts will include the production of local feeds for the poultry and ruminant industries, production of local organic fertilizers and the utilization of local produce and resources to support the expansion of the island’s agro-processing industry.

A big part of this equation will focus on research and development of more sustainable solutions of the production cycle, including the utilization of solar and other renewable sources of energy in the production process. This will also undoubtedly impact the cost to consumers at a time when the affordability of inputs and final products is part of the national debate.

The bi-product of this approach are an improved employment rates, especially among the islands youth, and increased contribution of agribusiness activities to Grenada’s economic performance.  It will also provide the support necessary to inspire innovation and creativity in the creation of commercially viable solutions to societal problems, while delivering a shared value to all.

We at Range are excited to be engaged in this endeavor to create competitive, locally made organic products that will help the local economy, regenerate and enhance the island’s fertile soil and improve the health of the Grenadian people.

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