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A new standard of luxury resorts in the Caribbean

Founded in 2011, Range Developments is a luxury resort developer, operating across the Eastern Caribbean. A regional leader, Range Developments prides itself in the delivery of a product to the highest quality and is fully committed to the success of its projects.

Range has completed two 5-star luxury resorts. Its flagship project, the ultra-luxury 5-star resort Park Hyatt St.Kitts is complete and fully operational since November 1, 2017.

It has opened to rave reviews from leading publications across the globe and hotel guests.

The InterContinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa was opened in October 2019 and named one of “the hottest new hotel openings of fall 2019” by Condé Nast Traveler.

Works on the construction site of Range’s third project Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada have commenced, and the company is committed to completing the project in 2023.

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We take pride in our Social Responsibility Program

Social responsibility is at the very heart of Range Developments. We firmly believe that giving back to the community is a highly rewarding way of moving it forward. By working with local communities at a grassroots level to tackle various social issues, we aim to become an integral part of society. Our CSR portfolio is as diverse as it is impactful and our prime focus is on helping four core areas: Children, Families, Entrepreneurs, and Community.

Girl benefiting from Range Developments Social Responsibility Program
Our Children

Empowering young people to aspire to a brighter future starts with education and opportunities for personal growth. Our CSR projects are designed to motivate, inspire and actively help students make more meaningful career choices.

Our Families

Families are the heart of the home. Our CSR projects focus on alleviating financial strain in the operational aspects of the day to day running of various organizations. Key areas we focus on include children with disabilities and the elderly.

Our Entrepreneurs

The future of any community lies in the success of its people to achieve more and do more. This is why our key CSR initiatives mean investing into education, training and skills development in young people. Securing the future of the youth means they enter the world of work career-ready and can contribute to the growth of the local economy.

Our Community

Helping the community prosper is key to our CSR activities. This is why our community projects have centered around disaster relief and funding for local non-profits that are actively working within the communities for the benefit of others. 

Range School Fund Celebrates 6 Years

Education transforms lives. It ignites every phase of the journey to a better life, and it has the unique capacity to act as a catalyst for wider development goals, including increasing chances of getting jobs, participating fully in the development of our society, and leading healthy, meaningful lives. Because of this recognition, education has become

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Construction Training Increases Local Employability

Recognizing the gap in skill set among the youth as a major challenge of local island economies, Range Developments has always paid a special attention to skills training as the main driver for sustainable development. When it comes to Construction sector, the lack of employable skills is especially apparent. As one of the largest employers

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$1M Commitment to Food Security in Grenada

When it comes to island economies, the urgency to improve food security and develop self-sufficiency is undeniable. In the case of Grenada, the island has been blessed with fertile soil and climate that make this goal entirely possible. Despite of that, the island’s import food bill stands at approximately EC 1 Billion. In order to

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Local Biodiversity as Our Priority

As a part of our commitment to local biodiversity, we are keen to announce that Range Developments has started the delicate process of soil and landscape rehabilitation at the Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada. This process will be carried out in stages and will involve implementing a smart design, promoting functionality with an aim to

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Development of Employable Skills Workshops

In line with our principle of encouraging skills training to develop the islands’ economy and uplift local communities, we have continued to direct our efforts towards making efficient training accessible to youth. In this regard, our collaboration with Center Where Adolescents Learn to Love and Serve (CALLS), which began in 2017, has been immensely fruitful

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Food Hampers for the Elderly

The Covid-19 pandemic with all its waves has presented a fair share of challenges. Although almost all people are affected, seniors have been the most vulnerable. Chronic diseases, functional limitations, and low income are some of the predicaments older adults face. To alleviate some of those challenges among the elderly, we @RangeDevelopments provide monthly food

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Christmas Cheer for Our Children

The welfare of any community relies on nurturing the children of the community; not merely through education but also fun extracurricular activities such as games. Playing has been scientifically proven to be an essential activity for children’s cognitive development and emotional well-being. That’s why Range Developments introduced a program called Christmas Cheer For Our Children

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There is H.O.P.E. for Single Parent Families

Becoming a parent is a life-changing event. It’s a role that requires a number of skills such as being prepared at all times, having presence of mind, and mastering control over impulses and emotions. Parenthood in itself is tough, but single parenthood comes with a whole different set of challenges. Since this is a prevalent

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Launch of Inclusive Sewing Course

While working on our ongoing CSR Program in Dominica, we got acquainted with an establishment called Achievement Learning Center, which has dedicated itself to developing essential skills in individuals with special needs. The organization works earnestly to offer atypical children special education, academic support, vocational training, reading intervention, adult education, life skill training, and so on.

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Range Helps to Develop First of its Kind Facility for Prosthetics

The remote areas in the small islands of the Caribbean often struggle to find reliable healthcare support or medical equipment for amputees. The Keep Walking Association was started to bridge this gap between people in need of proper prostheses and professionals who can supply and fit prosthetic equipment. Over the years, KWA has allied with

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Range Joins Regenerative Agriculture Movement in Dominica

With the earth’s population steadily on the rise, food security has become a more pressing issue. Conventional chemical agriculture is harmful to natural ecosystems as they result in erosion, desertification, and poisoning of the surrounding areas. The loss of arable topsoil worldwide is alarming from both an environmental and economic perspective.   To address this

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Range Developments Donates Vehicle To Support Dominica’s Fishing Sector

Range Developments Donates Vehicle To Support Dominica’s Fishing Sector Range Developments, an award-winning local property developer, has taken the initiative to support the fishing sector in Dominica by donating a vehicle to Dublanc Fishing Group, Inc. (DFG), an organization that seeks to develop the fishing community by bringing fishermen together as a structured body. Fishing

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Range Developments Rebuilds St. Kitts Summer Camp

Range Developments Provides Permanent New Home For Popular Summer Camp in St. Kitts

Camp Ezekiel hosted approximately 80 participants at the newcommunity center between 15-22 April 2019. Activities included distribution offood hampers to the elderly, a community march against crime, gangs andviolence and a gospel concert where children demonstrated their talents indrama with displays of love and kindness. Participants learned new skills inthe areas of team building, conflict

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Range Developments Relief Work in Dominica

Communities in Need Across Dominica Benefit from Donations of Household Items

The initiative was rolled out across eleven communities on the island including Sufriere, Gallion,Scott’s Head, Kalinago, Paix Bouche, Borne, Bense and villages close to Portsmouth. Beneficiaries were selected on the basis of greatest need and who have received the least amount of assistance from other charitable organizations. Donations were also made to specific community organizations

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Purchasing Wheelchairs for Dominica Infirmary

Wheelchair distribution

The local investment and hospitality company has distributing wheelchairs to beneficiaries all over the island, thus helping them to become more mobile and better able to partake in life’s activities. Some of the organizations that have benefited from the initiative so far include Portsmouth Hospital, The Northern District Home for the Aged, Grotto House for

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Students Benefiting from Range Developments School Fund

School Fund 2018

The initiative – known as the Range School Fund – has benefited 1,000 children from 30 primary and secondary schools across the island including Paix Bouche, Woodfordhill and North East Secondary. Due to the large scale of the operation, Range Developments teamed up with volunteers from Portsmouth and surrounding communities to help with the packaging

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Students Earning Range Developments Scholarships

Promising Students Awarded Academic Scholarships

Christie Auguiste and David Benjamin won the coveted scholarships last year based on their hardworking efforts and impressive academic performance. The scholarships are fully funded and valid for the duration of their studies at Orion Academy. Christie Auguiste,student at Orion Academy said: “On behalf of David and myself I would like to express our gratitude

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Reconstruction of women’s center in Portsmouth.

Reconstruction of women’s center in Portsmouth

Range Developments – an award-winning developer of ultra luxury resorts in the Caribbean – is pleased to confirm its support for there construction of a women’s center in Portsmouth. The North District Progressive Women’s Club (NDPWC) was established in 1979 and offers training to adolescent mothers and women in life skills, academic attainment and other

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Cabrits National Part Pier Restoration

Successful Restoration of Pier in Cabrits National Park

Range Developments is pleased to announce that restoration of the Pier in Cabrits National Park has been completed. The project has been undertaken in partnership with M/V Pacific Hope, a ship that is dedicated to supporting the local community through provision of medical care and construction services via its dedicated volunteers. The Pier was severely

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Arts and Crafts at Dominica Educational Centre

$100,000 XCD Donated to Educational Centre for Youth in Dominica

Range Developments – an award-winning developer of ultra luxury resorts in the Caribbean – is once again responding to the needs of the local community by providing much needed financial support to CALLS – an educational centre which provides teaching and guidance for young people who are unable to continue their studies at school due

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Kids at a summer camp in St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Kitts & Nevis Kids Summer Camp

For young people to become productive and successful members of society, having the right guidance, motivation and support is key. Without these, the drive to turn dreams into reality fades, leaving young people despondent and without hope. This can eventually increase the risk of venturing into the world of drugs and petty crime. Building confidence,

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Mohammed Asaria giving a speech in St. Kitts

Hyatt Hospitality Training in St. Kitts & Nevis

The hospitality industry hinges on its ability to satisfy tourists in a truly unique way. Consumers are looking for an ‘experience’ when they take a vacation. They value vendors who employ locals with working knowledge of the area they are situated in, as it helps to create an authentic experience for tourists. Therefore, the need for

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Majestic & Magical Art Project by Yuri Jones

Majestic & Magical: Photobook Art Project By Yuri Jones

Range Developments has always taken a keen interest in promoting local art and helping the economy in the process. Hence, we are very proud to be sponsoring an art project entitled ‘Majestic and Magical’ which focuses on the diversity of flora and fauna on the Island of Dominica. ‘Majestic and Magical’ is a beautiful, hardback

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Tropical Storm Erika Relief

Storm Erika Food & Emergency Supply Relief

Storm Erika happened in August 2015 and was considered to be one of the deadliest natural disasters to ever have hit Dominica since Hurricane David almost 40 years ago in 1979. Much of the Island’s infrastructure was wiped out with thousands of roads, bridges and homes destroyed, as well as thousands more people being displaced

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Caribbean workers at a Non-Profit

Non Profit Uniforms Donation Program

As any non-profit will attest to, operational costs are some of the largest expenses an organization incurs. Alleviating any operational costs for non-profits goes a long way in improving the work and level of service these amazing organizations do on a daily basis. That is the reason one of the unveiled Range Developments’ initiatives has

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Caribbean Students Benefiting from CBI

School Fund: Essentials For 300 Kids

Dominica has many pockets of communities which fall into the low socio-economic band. As such, education in these areas is more difficult, since parents may struggle with simple things like school uniforms and school equipment. Often, children will pass on clothing and equipment to younger siblings to avoid the additional expense. This is precisely why

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Range Developments Supporting Hurricane Maria Victims

Mattresses and bunk beds for victims of Hurricane Maria

Closely working with people and officials in Dominica, Range Developments’ CSR team has consolidated all its efforts to help improve the living conditions of the communities shattered by the tragedy of the hurricane Maria has wreaked havoc across the Carib-bean islands. Arrangements have been taken to provide mattresses and bunk beds for children to the

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