Can I Live in the UK with a Grenada Passport?


Passports give a lot of freedom to their holders depending on the country that issued them. Having access as a Grenada citizen is a great advantage for travel and, potentially, business. Often, many investors wonder if they can stay or live in the UK while holding a passport from Grenada.

Read below to discover what having a Grenada passport grants you and does not allow.

Live or Travel to the United Kingdom with a Grenada Passport?

There are several rules for visiting the UK and other Commonwealth nations that are important for you to know. While you can travel and stay in the UK for up to 180 days (6 months) or split it up to visit different nations throughout the Commonwealth, you’re not permitted to work or study there without the correct authorization from the British government. Also, before visiting the UK, note the other rules for entering the country:

  1. Prove you are visiting for tourism
  2. Prove you are able to financially support themselves and their dependents during the visit
  3. Prove arranged accommodation has been made
  4. Prove you are able to pay for return or onward journeys
  5. State you will leave the UK at the end of their visit

Another important piece of information, and more to the point, is if you can live in the UK with a passport from Grenada, and the answer is you cannot. To take steps for residency status in Britain you would have to go through their immigration process to be able to live or work in the country.

Travel to the UK being a citizen of Grenada

If global mobility is appealing to you, Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment programme may be the path for you. By making an investment in government-approved real estate development, such as Range Development’s InterContinental Grenada Resort, you can gain citizenship and a Grenada passport in around 3-4 months.

By becoming a holder of a Grenada passport, you have access to a wide range of benefits! To learn more and explore economic citizenship in Grenada, we strongly encourage you to read our guide on the process and investment opportunities below.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment | Range Developments

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