Does Grenada Allow Dual Citizenship?


Grenada has one of the most popular Citizenship by Investment programmes, in part because it gives citizens a wide range of benefits. The common question many investors have when pursuing Citizenship by Investment is if citizens are allowed to hold dual citizenship, as losing one’s citizenship in their home country is a high price.

It’s best to first touch upon the different pathways to Grenada citizenship and the benefits of their Citizenship by Investment programme.

Pathways to Dual Citizenship

There are several routes to obtaining Grenada citizenship and each road has its own costs, requirements, and timeframes to keep in mind. While some of the ways to become a citizen are available to everyone, others have requirements meant to attract real estate investments or donations to the Grenada state fund to benefit their economy and citizens:

By Descent

    • By being born within Grenada’s territory or by having at least one parent holding Grenadian citizenship, you are a citizen. Even if born outside of Grenada, if one of your parents is a Grenadian citizen then you claim citizenship.

By Naturalization

    • After a certain period of residency, a person can become naturalized by submitting an application so long as they have good character standing and intend to be a resident of Grenada.

By Investment

    • The Citizenship by Investment programme offered in Grenada requires applicants to make either a financial contribution to the state fund or provide investment in government-approved real estate development. Their CBI programme is meant to attract investors to participate in developments, such as luxury resorts, and government programs that benefit the citizenry. For more information on Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment programme, please explore here: Grenada CBI programme.

These are the three main paths to Grenadian citizenship, each having its own timetable and requirements that may fit your unique circumstances, but no matter the road you take to becoming a citizen, the benefits are the same except for one advantage that is exclusive to the investment route.

Benefits of Obtaining Grenada Citizenship

One of the central reasons for investors to look into having dual citizenship in Grenada is the many advantages they have once obtaining it. After choosing the route to become a citizen of Grenada, you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

  • Citizenship for life for the applicant making the investment and their family
  • Efficient taxation allows investors to grow their wealth through the investment they’ve made.
  • Dual citizenship is allowed
  • No minimum stay is required to gain citizenship.
  • Access to the E2 Visa of the USA.

These benefits of becoming a Grenadian citizen can operate as opportunities to further your business goals and provide security against instability in your home country. As there are no restrictions on dual citizenship in Grenada, you’re free to travel to both with your Grenada passport or home passport.

Citizenship by Investment: Grenada CBI Programme for a Second Passport

Grenada recognizes dual citizenship for Citizenship by Investment applicants, and the path to holding a passport from Grenada via investment into a government-approved project comes with an additional benefit: exiting your investment after a 5-year holding period. We at Range Developments have enormous experience and extensive knowledge in guiding investors to secure dual citizenship through their CBI programme.

By making an investment in the government-approved InterContinental Grenada Resort you can participate in the programme and gain dual Grenadian citizenship for yourself and your family. We invite you to explore the opportunity for yourself here: The InterContinental Resort, Grenada.

There are several paths to obtaining Grenada citizenship, but none that grants a short timetable or without years of waiting in between steps to immigration. If you’re interested in claiming the benefits of dual citizenship in Grenada for yourself, your family, and the opportunities that follow, we encourage you to speak to one of our Citizenship by Investment consultants.

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