Dominica Expands Visa-Free Travel to China


Dominica citizens already enjoy visa-free travel to over 140 different countries, making their Citizenship by Investment programme attractive to those who want greater global mobility. Now Dominica offers greater visa-free travel options due to their recent visa-waiver agreement, as of November of 2021, the country list of Dominica’s visa-free travel now includes China.

During a visit from Chinese Ambassador Lin XiangJiang, Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced that they had signed a visa-free waiver, extending visa-free travel to Dominica citizens and Dominica passport holders. This is exciting news for those looking for opportunities via the Dominican CBI programme.

What Does Visa-Free Mean?

Dominica expanding their visa-free travel to China is exciting for those who want a Dominican passport because of the barriers it removes from international travel and business. For those who may not understand what the term “visa-free” means, it is the ability to enter a country without first obtaining a visa to do so.

In most countries, to travel abroad you need a visa to legally enter another country by first sending your passport to the country’s consulate in your home country. After paying a fee, you’ll be sent the proper visa to enter that country. This was the case for Dominica passport holders who wanted to travel to China before November. Now, by being a Dominican citizen, there is no need for you to send your passport to the consulate and pay a fee in order to visit or do business in China.

The Impact on Dominica Passports

The impact on Dominica passport holders pertains to the new opportunities available to them because of this new agreement between Dominica and China. With the visa-waiver agreement, the Dominica passport’s value has increased substantially and citizens, whether through Citizenship by Investment or other legal avenues, have access to one of the world’s largest economies. This will open many doors for trade, investments, and further develop Dominica as a nation.

Dominica citizens can now travel visa-free to over 140 countries, which makes up 75% of the world’s destinations for business and popular leisure destinations. There aren’t many countries that have such this level of unfettered access to China, in fact, the only other Caribbean CBI country to have visa-free travel to China is Grenada.

Changes to Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment

With the expansion of Dominica’s visa-free travel countries, now is the time to secure a Dominica passport through their Citizenship by Investment programme. As mentioned before, there are only two CBI options to gain visa-free access to China: Grenada and Dominica.

Dominica’s economic citizenship programme is one of the most coveted in the world due to the visa-free travel and it being one of the lowest investment costs. Here at Range Developments, we have extensive experience guiding our clients to securing a Dominica passport and taking full advantage of the wide range of benefits that comes with being a citizen. For a more full explanation of this CBI opportunity and to take advantage of the visa-free expansion into China, we encourage you to explore this page:

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