Grenada Economic Citizenship: Gaining Second Citizenship Through Investment


Citizenship by Investment has been a popular topic lately, and much of the focus has been on Grenada’s economic citizenship. Much of the conversations surrounding this have interchangeable terms, and it’s easy to get confused as to exactly what is involved in gaining second citizenship in Grenada or participating in a Citizenship by Investment program. Here at Range Developments, we believe in educating interested individuals on the advantages, processes, and requirements involved in this journey.

If you’re interested in pursuing Grenada’s economic citizenship offer via their CBI programme, look no further. Below you’ll find what economic citizenship is, the advantages you gain, and what to expect during the process. 


What is Economic Citizenship?

Grenada’s economic citizenship, and what it means in general, is the legal process whereby a person or persons acquires second citizenship in a country in return for specific a financial investment in the country offering citizenship. Economic citizenship is another term for Citizenship by Investment, as you can see, and there is no difference in the meaning. 

By gaining second citizenship in Grenada, you also gain a second passport. This opens doors to more travel without losing your citizenship and passport in your home country.. Seeking second citizenship should provide new opportunities that is what Grenada’s economic citizenship does.

Second citizenship  means you’re able to remain a citizen in your home country while also being a citizen in the country you’ve gained economic citizenship in. You gain the same advantages as any other citizen of that country, born there or not, and can use those benefits to advance towards your goals. 


Advantages of a Grenada Economic Citizenship

Grenada’s economic citizenship pathway allows for many advantages and can help gain you the status of a global citizen. A citizenship of Grenada is an important resource for international entrepreneurs who are willing to enter the global market by taking advantage of both globalization and the myriad of benefits provided through Grenada’s economic citizenship:

  • Efficient tax jurisdiction
  • Access to the E2 visa of the United States with an option to reside in the USA
  • Generational citizenship, providing the same advantages to your family and children
  • Citizenship without the requirement to live in Grenada
  • Wealth protection via diversifying investments 
  • Options in times of political instability

You can see why Grenada’s economic citizenship programme is becoming more and more popular with global investors and entrepreneurs. It gives you access to security and wealth protection for you, your family, and for generations to come. 


How to Gain Second Citizenship by Investing

Grenada’s economic citizenship programme is a government-sponsored one, and there are several prerequisites to apply:

  • No criminal record
  • A legal source of investment funds and providing proof of such
  • Investing in only government-approved options in real estate or a national economic fund
  • Paying government application fees

The top choice for gaining economic citizenship among citizenship seekers is investing in real estate developments and for more information on that subject, please read here. The first step in gaining Grenada’s economic citizenship is finding a reputable CBI development company that has the experience and relationship with Grenada’s government to take full advantage of your investment.

We at Range Developments have built two successful luxury resort developments in both St. Kitts and Dominica before breaking ground in our third endeavor in Grenada. We have extensive experience helping investors gain economic citizenship and navigate Grenada’s CBI program and are on track to completing our latest luxury resort Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada in 2022. This is the perfect opportunity to obtain Grenada’s economic citizenship and partner with the leading developer in the Caribbean. 

Contact us to know the benefits that having second citizenship in Grenada entails and how it can help achieve your personal and professional goals. The next step is to get started on your journey and get them. We encourage you to speak to one of our Citizenship by Investment consultants and begin enjoying the island paradise that has much to offer.

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