Grenada Passports for Indians: 5 Ways You Can Benefit


A Grenada passport for Indian citizens carries a range of benefits that extend beyond diversifying your portfolio or frequent vacationing. You could see a Grenada passport as a stepping stone to benefit your loved ones as well, a move forward towards greater goals in other countries and securing your wealth through generations and opportunities. 

Obtaining a second passport often is a long and expensive process, so it’s important to know how it benefits you and your unique situation or goals. In this article, we will be exploring five ways a Grenada passport for Indians brings a wide array of benefits and finishing with important notes regarding the process itself. 


Bring the Family

If one of your concerns for working to gain a Grenada passport is leaving your family behind or making them wait to join you for an extended period of time, you’ll be happy to know that it is not the case. 

The first benefit of a Grenada passport for Indians is that you’re able to bring your family. There are a few specifications as to the distance of a relative and their age, such as that no child age 30 and over is included on the citizenship application. After receiving your Grenada citizenship, any new spouse or a newborn can also be granted citizenship. You are also able to add your parents and parent in-laws on the same application. 

So, do not fear traveling without your loved ones while you pursue goals for them and yourself. They’ll be able to join you in Grenada. 


Tax Exemptions

Another concern many people have is the tax burden they may face by obtaining a second passport. Regarding Grenada passports for Indians, or anyone else seeking a passport in Grenada, that concern is quickly diminished. In the “spice country”, there is a low tax regime that safeguards citizens from extra taxes such as

  • the inheritance tax
  • gift taxes
  • capital gains taxes
  • wealth taxes
  • foreign income taxes

Many countries that offer a second passport still impose these taxes and you have every right to be concerned about hidden fees in seeking their passports. Grenada passports for Indians, or anyone else, this doesn’t apply. While there are still taxes that come with living under a government, you are not charged extra taxes simply because you have the means to second citizenship. 


E-2 Visa Access to the U.S.

While a travel visa can take an extended period of time to obtain, a visa to the United States can be even more of a hurdle. One important benefit to a Grenada passport for Indians is that it is also a pathway to an E2 visa for the United States. Having this visa cannot be understated, it allows you to work, set up a business, or work for a company in the United States, children under 21 to have access to esteemed education facilities, and your spouse is also able to work. It’s also important to note that an E2 can also lead to the EB5 program if planned accordingly. 

While the E2 visa is an investor visa, you’ll be able to live in the United States for as long as your business efforts meet the criteria and the visa itself can be extended indefinitely as long as you continue to meet those requirements. 


Dual Citizenship for Generations

Having dual citizenship translates to having global mobility, global trade opportunities, and access to the resources of another country for you and your family, but it doesn’t always pass down the generations. Grenada citizenship can be passed down to generations and your children can carry that citizenship as well. 

Many people wonder if they and their families will have to remain in Grenada to continue to have a passport, thereby keeping their citizenship intact, but that isn’t so. There is no residency requirement to gain or maintain your status as a citizen. You also don’t have to renounce your prior citizenship and have one of the fastest application processes among Citizenship by Investment programs. 

To learn more about attaining a Grenadian citizenship by investment, explore here!


Citizenship by Investment: Key to a Grenada Passport for Indians

There are many benefits beyond the five we’ve listed to a Grenada passport for Indians, but the ones discussed above are why Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment program is one of the most popular. By obtaining the passport and citizenship in their country, you open the doors to opportunities around the world for you and your family. It’s a pathway to security and to the coveted E2 visa from the United States.

The easiest way to obtain a Grenada passport is through their Citizenship by Investment program and here at Range Developments, we have extensive experience guiding our clients to securing one. By investing in our third luxury hotel, the Six Senses La Sagesses, you and your family can begin the process towards global mobility and securing further opportunities for generations. 

To get started on your journey and obtain the benefits discussed above, we encourage you to speak to one of our Citizenship by Investment consultants.

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