Grenada’s Regulatory Framework and Tax Environment for Foreign Investments


Grenada is a popular choice for investors due to the favorable tax and regulatory environment the government has built. While many nations and territories make similar claims to attract business people to their country, Grenada stands out due in part to its Citizenship by Investment program. To better understand why Grenada is a popular destination for foreign investors, read below and learn how they provide an efficient tax jurisdiction and regulatory environment.

The Government’s Regulatory Framework in Grenada

Grenada’s regulatory framework is built on transparency and ease of doing business to allow for economic growth. The country has made significant efforts to create a regulatory environment that encourages foreign investment while protecting the interests of Grenadian citizens.
Part of keeping the balance between protecting their citizens and attracting investment has been through policies such as the Single Electronic Window for Trade (SEW), which streamlines the process for businesses to interact with government agencies, reducing bureaucratic hurdles and administrative delays. This digital system provides access to information on procedures, requirements, and fees, making it easier for foreign investors to do business in Grenada.

Tax Environment in Grenada

Grenada’s tax environment is also highly favorable to investors. The policies they’ve implemented aim to attract foreign investment by providing tax incentives and benefits such as businesses registered in Grenada can take advantage of a generous corporate tax rate of only 28%, which is significantly lower than in other Caribbean nations. Another way Grenada has invested in a tax-efficient environment is by not taxing foreign-sourced income, further encouraging businesses and individuals to invest in their country.

Grenada’s tax system is easy to navigate, with no hidden fees or complicated tax codes, making it easier for businesses to comply with tax regulations and promote growth while creating greater jobs for citizens.

Foreign Investment in Grenada

Foreign investment is essential to Grenada’s economy, and the government has implemented policies to encourage and promote it. The Grenada Citizenship by Investment program is a prime example of this effort. The program offers investors the opportunity to obtain citizenship in Grenada by investing in the country. The investment can be made either through a donation to the National Transformation Fund or by investing in an approved real estate project.

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment program allows investors to benefit from the country’s strategic location, stable political environment, favorable tax regime, and access to a highly skilled labor force. Also, investors can take advantage of the other benefits of Grenadian citizenship without losing their home citizenship, opening doors for business ventures that may have not been possible without a Grenadian passport.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment program is celebrated for the unique and wide array of benefits granted to investors. We at Range Developments have extensive experience guiding investors through the Grenada CBI process and are the leading developer in the Caribbean. Our successful track record of luxury developments, such as the Six Senses La Sagesse in Grenada, has been a reliable road to the many advantages of Grenadian citizenship.

Our second luxury resort, The InterContinental Grenada Resort, is underway and provides investors the opportunity to gain citizenship in Grenada.

By choosing Range Developments as your partner in gaining the advantages of citizenship in Grenada, you will have aligned yourself with the leading and most successful developer in the Caribbean. To begin the journey, please connect with one of our CBI representatives here:
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