How Grenada Investments Benefit Citizens


Many people wonder how Grenada investments directly benefit the average citizen through its Citizenship by Investment program.. Often, the first impression people have of investing is that it is nothing more than improving the financial gain of the investor. While investing certainly can do that, increasing wealth is not the only result of investing in the development of another country. 

There are a myriad of advantages that have a direct benefit to the average citizen from a Grenada citizenship by investment program, including developing Grenada’s economy and ensuring a competitive workforce while granting more political stability. Let’s examine how a citizen of Grenada gains advantages through outside investments into their country. 


Economic Growth 

One important thing to consider when discussing how citizens benefit from a Grenada citizenship by investment program is what investment does for their economy. Take our luxury resort developments for example, the Six Senses La Sagesse in Grenada, the InterContinental Grenada Resort, the Park Hyatt in St. Kitts, and the InterContinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa.  By attracting people to invest in these resorts, hundreds of jobs were and are created for the citizens to work, increasing their income substantially, which drives the population towards upward economic class. Without investors, many projects in developing countries wouldn’t take place.

Directly or indirectly, it essentially leads to the same  outcome: investments benefit the citizens. Economic growth leads to increased consumer spending, trade, and the creation of businesses. Again, providing an influx of money into the Grenada economy as well as opportunities for the citizens to obtain stable jobs with growing wealth. 

Business begets business, creates opportunity and wealth. A growing economy is directly beneficial for the citizens of a country, which is one way a Grenada citizenship program directly benefits the citizen. 


Social Responsibility

Another way Grenada investments directly benefit citizens is through social responsibility programs. Range Developments has initiated a number of them in all countries where we have our resorts. When developing or doing business in another country, it’s important to be seen and actually doing work that impacts the life of the average citizen and Range Developments is a great example of it.  

We at Range Developments believe in giving back to the community which is why we actively engage in grassroots-level help. Our CSR portfolio is diverse and we’re proud of the impact it has in Grenada, showcasing our four core areas of focus: children, families, entrepreneurs, and community. 

The social responsibility aspect of how the Grenada citizenship program directly benefits  its citizens is an extension of creating a more educated, healthy, and skilled community. We invite you to explore  social responsibility initiatives Range Developments has taken:

Company Activities Archives


Grenada Investments and Range Developments

While a Grenada investment helps you to gain citizenship, global mobility, and further secures your wealth, it’s also a great benefit to the citizens of Grenada. By helping the nation to improve long-lasting development, create greater and more social responsibility programs, and ensure a growing economy with a better-educated workforce, we are transforming the lives of Grenada citizens in a concrete and long-term way. 

Here at Range Developments, we’ve had 2 successful and finished developments in Dominica and St. Kitts. While working with these countries, we’ve tried our best to make an impact on the lives of their citizens while guiding our clients to obtain Citizenship by Investment and thereby improving theirs as well. We are already working to do the same in Grenada with our third luxury hotel, the Six Senses La Sagesse, which is on schedule to be completed in 2022. This is the perfect opportunity to help people with a Grenada investment while gaining all the benefits that Citizenship by Investment brings. 

To get started on your journey, we encourage you to speak to one of our Citizenship by Investment consultants.

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