How Long Does the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Take to Complete?


Applying for citizenship takes time, even as an investor looking to have second citizenship and a passport that can serve your interests. The Citizenship by Investment programme is popular among investors because it is known to be an expedited process, being much quicker to complete and gain Grenadian citizenship. While citizenship in Grenada is a popular option for those looking to reap the benefits of having a second passport, a deciding factor is often how long the Grenada Citizenship by Investment takes to complete?

To better understand the timetable for receiving a Grenadian passport, let us first outline the application process itself and the advantages given at the end of the road.

Benefits of Grenadian Citizenship

Making an investment in Grenada brings an abundance of benefits to both the investor and their family, as the Grenada CBI programme offers a unique advantage that other Citizenship by Investment opportunities don’t. Before outlining the processing time to complete the programme, it’s important to remember the benefits having a Grenada passport gives you:

  • Citizenship for life for the applicant making the investment and their family, as well as future generations.
  • Efficient taxation allows the investor to grow their wealth through the investment they’ve made.
  • Dual citizenship is allowed
  • No minimum stay is required to gain citizenship.
  • Access to the E2 Visa of the USA.

These are the central benefits that make having citizenship in Grenada worth the wait time and why it’s one of the most coveted economic citizenship programmes in the world. Now that you know what the main advantages of having citizenship in Grenada give you, let’s look over the requirements of the programme.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Requirements

The Citizenship by Investment requirements can affect the processing time, which is why we’re going over those before discussing the timetable. By knowing what information it takes to complete the process successfully you can ensure a shorter road to citizenship with fewer mishaps along the way:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have a clean criminal record/undergo a background check
  • Have outstanding character as demonstrated via bank statements and references
  • Be financially capable of making the investment and paying the due diligence fees

Grenada Citizenship Processing Time

Once you have finished preparing the required documentation, Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Committee (CBIC) will review the application. The CBI committee will conduct due diligence on the applicants and go through the information provided to ensure it is accurate and meets the standards of approval.

Assuming the information is in order and you’ve aligned with a contempt development company, the CBIC can take three to four months to process the application.

Once the process is complete, the balance of the investment funds and government due diligence fees are released by the investor and the Citizenship by Investment Unit issues citizenship certificates and passports.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment vs. Other Paths to a Passport

There are several paths to citizenship available in Grenada, each having its own timetables, but none are as quick or efficient as the Citizenship by Investment programme and real estate investment option. Immigration applications can take years and require residency, the marriage path can require lengthy timeframes due to the investigation and having to form a relationship to get to that point. The only other path to citizenship in Grenada is receiving it through your parents.

Citizenship by Investment is the speediest way to become a citizen of Grenada, and we at Range Developments have extensive experience guiding investors successfully through the citizenship process. As the leading CBI developer in the Caribbean, we have a healthy and productive relationship with the government of Grenada while building two luxury hotels for applicants to consider for a real estate option.

Six Senses La Sagesse – A Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

InterContinental Grenada Resort, Grenada – A Grenada Citizenship By Investment Program

Explore the fast way to Grenada’s citizenship through their CBI programme and our award-winning resort. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to speak with one of our CBI representatives by using the button below.

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