How Much does it cost to apply for citizenship of Grenada via Grenada’s Economic Citizenship Programme?


Economic citizenship is an increasingly popular way to open up new business pursuits, secure greater stability for your family, and gain global mobility for generations. One of the important areas to compare Citizenship by Investment programmes is the cost and fees, and with Grenada being coveted citizenship to have, what does the Grenada citizenship cost?

Requirements for Grenada Citizenship

To apply for citizenship of Grenada and gain a Grenada passport, applicants should meet specific requirements and provide a number of documents:

  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older
  • Pass a detailed background check and hold no criminal record
  • Have documentation that supports good character and the source of funds for the investment, such as bank statements and references.
  • Be in good health, verified by a physician
  • Be financially capable of making the investment and paying applicable government fees

Before applying for the Grenada CBI program, it’s imperative that you take steps to assemble these documents and ensure you’re able to fulfill them before looking at the outline of the costs and fees of citizenship.

The Schedule and Steps to Obtaining Grenada Citizenship

The process for Grenadian citizenship is simple, with few steps between preparing your documentation and receiving your passport. The specific steps for an applicant to take are:

  1. Sign a sales & purchase agreement and submit your deposit
  2. Pay the processing, due diligence and other applicable fees, and submit necessary documents to the service provider.
  3. Upon approval of citizenship by the government of Grenada, the investor pays the remaining balance and associated government costs.
  4. Proof of investment ownership is submitted to Grenada’s government and the Grenada passport is issued.

The application is reviewed by a government body called Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Committee, or CBIC. They perform the due diligence for the applications and go through the information provided, looking for inaccuracies and ensuring the application meets the standards of approval. If the documentation is well prepared and the applicant’s service provider is well-versed in Grenada’s citizenship requirements, the processing time is as little as three to four months.

Costs and Fees of Grenada Citizenship

Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment programme is designed with families in mind, which is shown in the associated costs and fees. The cost of citizenship in Grenada below is based on an applicant having a family of four:

  • Cost of share: USD 220,000
  • Government fees for the main applicant, a spouse, and 2 dependents: USD 50,000
  • Due Diligence fees: USD 10,000
  • Application fees: USD 6,000
  • Processing fees: USD 4,000
  • Share registration fees: USD 8,800
  • Passport fees: USD 1,000
  • Oath of Allegiance: USD 80

Total cost: USD 299,880

Grenadian Citizenship Benefits

The Grenada citizenship cost is well worth the advantages and benefits it brings to both the investor and their loved ones. There are several reasons why the Grenada passport is one of the most coveted out of the Caribbean CBI programmes:

  • Visa-free travel to over 140 countries, including the Schengen countries, China, and the United Kingdom.
  • Citizenship for life for the applicant making the investment and their family, as well as future generations.
  • Efficient taxation allows the investor to grow their wealth through the investment they’ve made.
  • Dual citizenship is allowedNo min
  • imum stay is required to gain citizenship.
  • Access to the E2 Visa of the USA.

A Grenada Passport by Investment

The cost of Grenada citizenship is well worth the many benefits it brings and is the most efficient path to the US E2 visa as well as gaining citizenship in Grenada. We at Range Developments have extensive experience guiding our investors through Grenada’s CBI programme and have a productive and professional relationship with the government, adding greater efficiency to the process as we’re a trusted CBI developer.

To gain citizenship in Grenada and have an experienced guide through the process, an applicant has several investment options:

Six Senses La Sagesse – A Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

InterContinental Grenada Resort, Grenada – A Grenada Citizenship By Investment Program

We’ve had tremendous success with our Six Senses resort and are working to repeat it with the InterContinental Grenada Resort. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to speak with one of our CBI representatives by using the button below.

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