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Citizenship by Investment in Grenada is a popular choice for investors looking to expand their international business interests, diversify their portfolio, as well as a host of other advantages that extend to their families. Though, when it comes to the crucial decision of what to invest in, many applicants debate their options and delay the opportunity to secure citizenship. 

To help investors choose the right investment opportunity for them, explore the two choices offered by Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment program and the real estate investment opportunities available. 

Grenada CBI Investment Options

There are two ways to secure Grenada citizenship:

  1. The real estate investment option: investing in a government-approved real estate development
  2. One-time donation: contributing a significant donation to a government fund that is used for state-sponsored projects.

Here we will focus in the real estate option and the investment opportunities currently available in Grenada. As an investor, you choose from government-approved real estate developments and invest in that property along with paying the government fees. To get citizenship by real estate investment route means being able to hold onto that property for at least 5 years in order to retain your citizenship status, and after 5 years you can resell your share without losing your citizenship or the benefits that come with it. 

Six Senses La Sagesse: A Grenada Resort Investment

Set to open in 2023, Six Senses is widely recognized as an industry leader in developing sustainable resorts with its commitment to sustainability and respecting the local environment. The resort features uninterrupted views of the sea and includes the region’s traditions in the architecture while blending it with high luxury for guests to experience. The amenities offered combine the traditions and beauty of Grenada with exciting opportunities to explore, and relax:

  • The Experience Center where guests can book excursions, watersports, and spa treatments
  • A teen’s lounge and children’s play center
  • Shipwreck dives
  • Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park
  • Outdoor fitness trails
  • Meditation locations
  • Forest bathing
  • Sensory foot reflexology
  • Candlelight yoga
  • Holistic Anti-Aging Center

We encourage you to explore more about the Six Senses La Sagesse in Grenada and discover if this is the investment option best aligned with your goals: 

Six Senses La Sagesse – A Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

InterContinental Grenada Resort: Available Investment Opportunities

Set to open in 2025, the resort will feature 150 rooms, including more than 30 private suites with an array of restaurants, bars, top-of-the-line spas, a fitness center, and a pool with a bar and grill. Beyond the luxury amenities open to guests, the InterContinental Grenada Resort will feature approximately 6,000 square feet of meeting space and a business center. Designed by Rana Nasr of Bleu Design Consultants for the interior of the resort and Simeon Halsted of Simeon Halsted and Associates leading the architecture, the InterContinental Grenada Resort will be a stunning jewel in Grenada. 

For those interested in currently available real estate investment options, the InterContinental Grenada Resort is the perfect opportunity. This property has shares available for investment and our agents are able to guide investors through the Citizenship by Investment application process to ensure you secure Grenada citizenship. 

We encourage you to explore more about the InterContinental Grenada Resort and discover if this is the investment option best aligned with your goals: 

The InterContinental Grenada Resort | Range Developments

Secure Citizenship by Investment with a Track Record of Successful Luxury Property

Citizenship by Investment in Grenada is a unique chance for you and your family to gain a wide range of benefits for both personal and business opportunities. Range Developments is the leading CBI developer in the Caribbean and has earned relationships with the Grenada government to ensure a simple process for our investors to obtain citizenship through the InterContinental Grenada Resort and Six Senses La Sagesse.

Secure citizenship and advance your business interests while providing greater advantages to your family by exploring an investment in your global mobility and luxury resorts. 

Grenada Citizenship by Investment | Range Developments

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