Why Investors Choose Grenada for Second Citizenship?


Though one of the newest Citizenship by Investment programmes in the Caribbean, it’s quickly becoming one of the most coveted by investors. Grenada citizenship offers applicants a wide range of advantages investors don’t often see in the Caribbean islands and provides a key component in investment portfolios, as well as benefits that grant opportunities for future endeavors.

To understand why investors choose Grenada for second citizenship, we need to discuss each of the primary advantages being a citizen in Grenada offers to an investor no matter their long-term goal. Each section below will go over the primary reasons investors are choosing Grenada for second citizenship and why those advantages are opportunities.


A Second Passport

Some countries with economic citizenship programs require applicants to renounce their current citizenship in order to obtain a passport; having Grenada’s citizenship does not. A Grenada passport offers freedom from instability wherever an applicant currently is. 

Being a Grenadian, you are able to travel to over 140 countries visa-free, including:

  • the United Kingdom
  • the Schengen countries
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Russia

It’s also important to note that having second citizenship in Grenada gives investors access to the E2 visa from the United States. This visa allows you and your family members to establish or buy business in the USA, reside, work and be educated in the U.S. An investor can renew his/her visa every 5 years unlimited number of times and the investor can live in the US as long as his business is operational. Many other nations do not have an E2 treaty with the United States, making Grenadian citizenship all the more lucrative and coveted. 

In addition, a Grenadian citizenship offers an array of benefits for citizens of India, granting them more than a second passport and a place to travel. Learn more about Grenada’s investment opportunities for Indian investors here


Citizenship for the Family

Another key reason why investors are choosing Grenada for second citizenship is that it is designed for families and a cost-effective option for those seeking to obtain Grenada citizenship without leaving their loved ones behind. The initial investment includes any of the applicant’s children that are under the age of 30 years old and your dependents, including parents of all ages. An investor is also entitled to bring their spouse and unmarried siblings without children, dependent children under the age of 30 years old, and your parents. 

It’s important to note that Grenada has a world-renowned medical school that staffs many U.S. medical centers and facilities. A Grenadian graduate of the St. Georges university can easily work in the USA or other countries without the need of attestation.  


Real Estate Investment Criteria

Grenada’s real estate investment option is USD 220,00, only requiring the investment to be held for a five-year period and includes the advantages to family and investors listed above. The price of investment combined with the benefits of citizenship has led to many investors choosing Grenada for second citizenship, searching for an opportunity provided by a credible CBI developer. 

Real estate investments in Grenada also allow investors to have a higher return on investment due to the popularity of the destination and development they are investing in. As an example, Range Development resorts are 5-stars and of world-renowned brands, making our latest venture, Six Senses La Sagesse, an attractive CBI development. 

By choosing a popular and well-respected real estate property to invest in,  you may be able to recoup the expenses after a five-year holding and still have all the advantages afforded as Grenadian citizens. 


Choose Grenada Citizenship by Investment

These are only some of the reasons why investors choose Grenada for second citizenship, which is a great asset of their portfolio. While being a citizen of Grenada means having the ability to visit such a beautiful place whenever you wish, it’s important to note that you never need to visit or live in Grenada in order to gain citizenship there. 

Being that citizenship in Grenada is becoming increasingly popular, and that is why an investor should be mindful and partner with a credible experienced developer.  We at Range Developments have extensive experience helping investors achieve their goals through Grenadian citizenship and take advantage of the privileges associated with it. We have assisted more than 2000 investors, helped more than 5,500 individuals to receive second citizenship, and created over 3,500 jobs.

Our track record with Dominica and St. Kitts & Nevis speaks for itself, and our third venture, the Six Senses La Sagesse in Grenada, is on track for completion in 2022. Ensure that you don’t miss the opportunity for:

  • Tax planning
  • Second citizenship for your family
  • the US E2 visa
  • Visa-free travel to over 140 countries

Reach your goals through Grenada’s CBI program by aligning with a trusted partner that has working relationships with the government, extensive experience, and the knowledge to help you get the most out of your investment. 

If you have any questions regarding Citizenship by Investment and the advantages it brings, we welcome you to speak with any of our CBI consultants. 

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