The Cabrits Resort & Spa
Kempinski, Dominica

The Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski, Dominica is the first government approved real estate project in Dominica under the country’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. This hideaway resort, one of the best in its class in the Caribbean, was opened in October 2019.

Open in October 2019

The hotel opened its doors in October 2019. It has already won numerous awards.

Citizenship for Life

The main applicant can include an unlimited number of eligible dependents, passed down to generations (applicants are not required to visit or reside on the island).

Visa-free Travel

Visa free travel to over 120 countries.

Kempinski Hotels

Kempinski Hotels is Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group. Based in Geneva, it now operates more than 75 5-star hotels in 31 countries.

Caribbean Property Award for Cabrits Resort Dominica award
Citizenship of Dominica

Invest in Dominica

Located along the picturesque, white sand beach on Douglas Bay and surrounded by Cabrits National Park, The Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski, Dominica is a luxury hotel that offers its guests a memorable journey and create rich and meaningful experiences. 

Dominica is renowned for its eco-tourism initiative, being home to 365 rivers, waterfalls and boiling springs. The Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski, Dominica has been designed to maintain a natural balance between the land and sea, while ensuring a modern and contemporary guest experience.

The Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski, Dominica is the first government approved real estate project in Dominica under the Citizenship by Investment Program. A minimum investment of US$ 220,000 in the project will entitle investors and their families to the citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

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Reservation Form

Sign a reservation form and submits a deposit of $22,000.



Processing fees and due diligence fees must be paid along with the application directly to the service provider.


Processing & Payment

Application processing takes approximately 90-120 days. Investor then pays the remaining balance of $198,000 and applicable government fees.


Closing & Transfer

Proof of ownership will be submitted to the government and you will receive your Passports.

Citizenship in Dominica

Dominica’s citizenship may be obtained without language, residence or visitation requirements. To maintain citizenship, investors are required to hold their qualifying investment for a period of three years, after which they may sell it.

For Family of 4


// Total

Cost of share: $220,000

Government fees for the main applicant, a spouse and 2 dependents: $35,000

Due Diligence fees: $11,500

Share registration fees: $8,800

Government processing fees: $1,000

Certificate of Naturalisation, including stamp fees: $1,000

Terms and Conditions may apply.

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Cabrits Resort Dominica
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A citizenship by investment programme is offered by a nation's government and is commonly called economic citizenship. By making an investment in a country’s fund or an approved real estate project, the investor may be eligible for citizenship in that country. This citizenship provides flexibility, mobility and security. By obtaining economic citizenship, and a second passport, the investor will have more options and freedom to travel.

To qualify for Citizenship by investment programme, you need to make an investment in a designated real estate project approved by the Government of Dominica, such as the The Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski, Dominica. In addition, you need to pay other fees and taxes as applicable and fulfill the formal requirement as identified by the government.

Yes, in the majority of cases your family member (below 30 and elderly parents) can be included in your citizenship application. For further details please contact our consultants.

Government approvals and processing may take about 3-4 months from the submission of your application.

There is no requirement to visit or reside in Dominica for citizenship.

Under the new government regulations, the requirement of interview is abolished.

The passport is valid for 10 years and easily renewed thereafter.


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Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski, Dominica

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