Christmas Cheer for Our Children


The welfare of any community relies on nurturing the children of the community; not merely through education but also fun extracurricular activities such as games. Playing has been scientifically proven to be an essential activity for children’s cognitive development and emotional well-being. That’s why Range Developments introduced a program called Christmas Cheer For Our Children two years ago, focusing on spreading smiles in the festive season. Our goal is to develop children’s skills through play and ensure that they get proper opportunities to do so. Over the span of two years, we have managed to distribute more than 7000 toys to children from underprivileged families all over the island.

For this Christmas, we have once again carefully curated diverse toys that can offer entertainment as well as creative stimulation to the children. There are painting toys, musical toys, building blocks, puzzles, memory games, and critical thinking games to boost their creativity and accelerate intellectual development. However, the best part is that all these games are guaranteed to give them a fun time.

We are indebted to the Constituency of St. David’s office and Grenada’s SEED program for their continuous assistance. It helped us reach and distribute the toys to the families that truly needed them. We feel happy to know that children in Grenada will be smiling this Christmas, a small but steady step in ensuring their future growth and development.

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