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What is Citizenship by Investment?

Citizenship by Investment is the process of receiving a second citizenship and travel & residency privileges by investing in an economic development project that is sponsored by the host country.

Through an investment in a foreign country high net worth investors and their families can obtain legal citizenship and a second passport faster than through traditional immigration systems.

Second passports provide global mobility and the freedom to travel to many countries without needing to obtain a visa for every trip abroad.

Citizenship by Investment offers numerous security, business and education benefits for investors and their families by opening access to the best schools and lucrative business opportunities in developed nations.

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Explore the different visas available to investors including E2, H1B, EB 5 and L1 visas. Learn the benefits of each visa and find out which visas provide the most global mobility, benefits and flexibility.

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Discover the countries that offer an E2 visa and learn how to reside in the United States through Citizenship by Investment.

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Learn about second citizenship requirements and criteria investors must meet as outlined by their country of origin or primary citizenship.

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