Construction Training Increases Local Employability


Recognizing the gap in skill set among the youth as a major challenge of local island economies, Range Developments has always paid a special attention to skills training as the main driver for sustainable development. When it comes to Construction sector, the lack of employable skills is especially apparent. As one of the largest employers on the island, we have made it our priority to employ responsibly through harnessing the capabilities of unskilled labor with an aim to increase our local employability rate and in wider sense, to increase the employability of the island population in general. This approach has proven to be a vital contributor to the local GDP.

In terms of Grenada, we have started our on-site training in January 2022 and we are currently training employees in forklift and backhoe operation. In cooperation with Grenada National Training Agency (GNTA), these trainees will be tested on their newly acquired skills and will receive official certificates in due process. Over the years, we have carried out training programs in variety of construction disciplines such as surveying, concrete works, masonry, steel fixing, machinery operation or landscaping and as the first construction company in Grenada to do so, we are proud to be an example to others.

Thus far, the Six Senses La Sagesse Grenada construction site has employed more than 250 workers out of which 70% are local employees. Although this project of 5* standard will require a foreign workforce with range of specialized skills and stellar experience in later stages, we take the role as a major local employer seriously and we will continue to be a pioneer in an on-going skill set acquisition in years to come.

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