Development of Employable Skills Workshops


In line with our principle of encouraging skills training to develop the islands’ economy and uplift local communities, we have continued to direct our efforts towards making efficient training accessible to youth. In this regard, our collaboration with Center Where Adolescents Learn to Love and Serve (CALLS), which began in 2017, has been immensely fruitful and eye-opening.

CALLS is an organization that provides a chance to the dropout students to turn their lives around, while also accommodating the needs of differently-abled individuals. The center aims to lead its beneficiaries towards a responsible lifestyle through practical education and skills training. It is probably this shared belief that has made Range’s partnership with CALLS so strong.

The positive impact of CALLS’ program is undeniable, and we realize the importance of making their resources available to more. In this regard, we have been assisting in developing the center in various capacities over the years, including reconstruction of the center, providing teacher training, and acquiring vital school resources. We have paid special attention to upgrading the manual workshops to expand the courses to its current portfolio, which now offers diverse curriculum including sustainable agriculture, fish processing and smoking, small engine repairs, furniture making, computers, as well as hospitality training.

Our joint initiatives have seen stellar results, and on that note, we would like to congratulate CALLS for their unshakeable commitment towards their students which has helped them achieve the incredible 78% employability rate! This is indeed the manifestation of a true transformational partnership that achieves profound societal change, and we can’t help but feel proud to be a part of this.

Range Developments is grateful to be associated with such an exemplary organization in bringing steady progress to the island of Dominica. We hope that this partnership continues to surpass its goals and keeps achieving major milestones in years to come.

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