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Discover US E2 Visa Opportunities Available In E-2 Treaty Countries

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As investors around the world look overseas for opportunities in established markets, there has been an increase in demand for US visas. In light of economic and social issues in the United States, obtaining a work permit or other US visa has become increasingly difficult. 

The US E-2 visa* has quickly become a focus for foreign investors who are seeking a pathway to the United States for investment, work and education opportunities. In order to apply for an E-2 visa*, the applicant must be a citizen of a country that has an E-2 Treaty with the US.

One of the most sought after countries with an E-2 Treaty is Grenada which offers citizens the opportunity to apply for the US E-2 investor visa. 

How to Become Eligible
For A United States E2 Visa

Eligibility for a US E-2 visa* is based on the applicant’s citizenship status. If the applicant is a citizen of a country that has an E-2 Treaty with the United States, they may apply for an E-2 visa*. In addition to being a citizen of an E2 treaty country, there are several requirements that must be met in order to be considered for an E-2 Visa*.

The United States has not defined a minimum investment to be made, only that the investment must be sufficient enough to establish and operate a profitable business in the United States. Based on prior cases, foreign investors should be prepared to invest at least $150,000 USD to be considered.

Our team of citizenship by investment consultants work closely with immigration attorneys to help foreign investors navigate the E2 Visa* application process. Please contact us for more information. 

* Terms and Conditions apply. Please contact a US immigration lawyer for further information.

Can The
E2 Visa Be Extended?

The US E-2 investor visa can be renewed an unlimited number of times, as long as the applicant continues to operate the profitable, approved business in the US. This is a distinct advantage for foreign investors and their families seeking opportunities to reside, work and study in the United States.

Tax Benefits of the E2 Visa

E-2 visa* holders can reside in the United States for 120 days without being subject to world-wide income taxation. The E-2 visa* holder who owns the approved US business can also sponsor specialized employees from their home country to come to the United States to work in the E-2 business.

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