Citizenship by Investment

Before the 1980s, no one had considered that a CBI program could be real or that it could flourish into a growing and flourishing industry. It has been shown in the last 30 plus years that not only can Citizenship by Investment can be a...
Citizenship by Investment has been a popular topic lately, and much of the focus has been on Grenada’s economic citizenship. Much of the conversations surrounding this have interchangeable terms, and it’s easy to get confused as to exactly what is involved in gaining second citizenship...
There’s an important change that non-resident Indians must be aware of what could impact their tax situations. With the passing of India’s Finance Bill 2021, individuals deemed as high-net-worth that are based in India and who have business interests in other countries such as Qatar...
The United States is signaling that in the very near future restrictions on immigration and travel will soon be eased.
Although global migration slowed during the onset of the COVID pandemic, a sense of urgency and optimism is being felt around the world as the United States enters 2021 with a new President who has signaled he intends to loosen restrictions on travel and immigration. Valuable immigrant visas such as the US E2 visa are primed to drive migration to America.
Over the last several years high net worth individuals have turned their attention abroad in search of new markets, better opportunities, and freedom to move about the globe uninhibited. Recent political and economic circumstances in leading world markets have given investors a sense of urgency,...
Si bien la Administración Trump impugna los resultados en los tribunales estadounidenses, cada vez es más claro que Joe Biden ganó las elecciones estadounidenses de 2020. Con cada día que pasa, los líderes mundiales y los expertos en economía y finanzas centran su atención en...
As HNWs in Dubai enjoy profitability and stability at home, many are starting to consider second citizenships in order to access global markets and gain the right to travel freely without visa restrictions. Citizenship by investment programs, which grant investors dual citizenship, have grown in...
In the past it has been challenging for many Africans to obtain second citizenships because of government restrictions, lack of capital, and restricted access to foreign markets & investment opportunities. Some countries, such as the Democractic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Tanzania go so far...
It now takes over 195 years for Indian nationals under the US H-1B visa program to receive a green card and permanent residency in the US. Now Indians and other foreign nationals are seeking new routes to work and reside in the United States.
Range Developments Founder Mohammed Asaria examines the continued effects of the COVID pandemic on global migration and economic citizenship, and identifies the steps countries need to take to curate new investment opportunities for existing citizen investors.
Founder of Range Developments, Mohammed Asaria, explores the merging of Impact Investing and Citizenship by Investment in the midst of a global pandemic that has investors considering multiple avenues for global mobility.
Range Developments' Managing Director, Mohammed Asaria, pinpoints the key elements investors need to consider before making an investment in the Caribbean. These key insights will help investors select the right properties in the face of a market that is all too often riddled with poorly planned projects.
Simeon Halstead, one of the world's leading Resort Architects, examines the current impact on luxury hotel development and travel in the Caribbean, and how his latest luxury hotel design, in partnership with Range Developments, seeks to draw tourists and investors to a truly one of a kind experience.
Mohammed Asaria, Founder of Range Developments, pinpoints the 8 areas of due diligence that investors must delve into prior to making an investment in the Caribbean.
Managing Director of Range Developments, Mohammed Asaria, discusses the challenges put forth by the global pandemic, and what those outcomes mean for citizenship by investment jurisdictions.
Mohammed Asaria, Range Developments Managing Director and Board Member, examines the resurgent trend of popularism of the last few years, the inevitable result of globalization, and what this means for investors looking for opportunities overseas to invest in established economies.
Seeking second citizenship by way of citizenship by investment? In this article we explore the process of applying for a US E2 visa through Range Developments' Citizenship by Investment program.
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