Food Hampers for the Elderly


The Covid-19 pandemic with all its waves has presented a fair share of challenges. Although almost all people are affected, seniors have been the most vulnerable. Chronic diseases, functional limitations, and low income are some of the predicaments older adults face.

To alleviate some of those challenges among the elderly, we @RangeDevelopments provide monthly food hampers. As part of our course, we focus on creating a sustainable community by buying products from local farms. Through our partnership with Grenada Network of Rural Women Producers (GRENROP), we have created opportunities for small-scale farmers.

After seeing the results from running a similar program in Dominica last year, we launched Grenada’s food hampers in June 2021 and we are thankful to be part of the solution during these trying times.

The involvement of the St David’s Constituency office and Grenada’s SEED program, an organization that has been at the forefront of assistance for low-income individuals, are much valued during the distribution process. With new year ahead, we hope to continue impacting lives through meaningful programs and create more business opportunities for local communities.

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