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What HNWs in Dubai Should Know About Second Citizenship

As HNWs in Dubai enjoy profitability and stability at home, many are starting to consider second citizenships in order to access global markets. Citizenship by investment programs, which grant investors dual citizenship, have grown in popularity largely due to concerns about market volatility in the face of a global pandemic and political tensions at home and abroad.

Investors in Dubai have ample opportunity to pursue second citizenships around the world, but the costs can quickly skyrocket into the millions of dollars for programs in European countries. The Caribbean offers much more affordable second citizenships, and there are key advantages not found in other countries, including the ability to live and work in the United States.

Grenada: A Tax-Friendly Country For HNW Dubai Investors

For some HNW investors in Dubai, the allure of a second citizenship is purely financial. For these investors, they have vested interest in accessing countries with favorable tax environments. Whether your interest in a second passport is strictly economical, or a mix of personal and financial pursuits, Grenada offers the most comprehensive benefits for HNWs.

Key benefits of Grenada citizenship include:

  • Access to the best schools and education opportunities in the world.
  • Global asset diversification and wealth protection.
  • Capital preservation and mobility.
  • Security for investors and their families in the event of economic, social or political unrest.

Furthermore, investors are not required to reside or visit Grenada. If your ambitions are purely strategic, you can enjoy the benefits of dual citizenship without the hassle of traveling to maintain your status.

For HNWs seeking key taxation advantages, look no further than second citizenship in Grenada. Grenada does not have capital gains, inheritance or income tax, and there is no wealth tax on world-wide income. Additionally, investors who obtain Grenada’s exclusive US E2 visa may reside for 120 days in the United States without being subject to world-wide income taxation.

The advantages of Grenada’s exclusive access to the US E2 visa

Grenada is the only Caribbean country with an E2 Treaty with the United States. HNWs seeking pathways to the United States should consider the convenience and affordability of Grenada citizenship. An investment in a Grenada citizenship by investment program not only affords the advantages of Grenadian citizenship, but also exclusive access to live and work in the United States through the US E2 visa.

Through the E-2 visa, citizens of Grenada can live in the United States within 6-9 months. The E2 visa allows an investor and his family to live and work in the US in exchange for an investment in an approved US business. While there is no minimum investment amount required, investors should expect to pay at least $150,000 USD.

Additionally, the investor’s children can attend the best primary schools in the United States free of charge. College-age children can also attend public universities and only have to pay in-state tuition costs.

About Grenada citizenship by investment programs

Citizenship by investment programs, also referred to as economic citizenship, are offered by governments in return for an investment in an approved real estate project.

Grenada citizenship by investment programs have recently surged in popularity due to their affordability compared to other countries, and the allure of exclusive opportunities afforded by Grenada’s E2 treaty status with the US.

The massive amount of interest in Grenada CBI programs has led to an increase in scams from unqualified firms. Unfortunately, many firms have taken advantage of HNWs by promising a return on investment, but ultimately fail to complete their project. In some cases years have passed and investors still have nothing to show for their time and money.

Range Developments is the only developer in the Caribbean to have successfully delivered two luxury hotels, Park Hyatt St. Kitts and InterContinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa Our third project, Six Senses La Sagesse in Grenada, is slated to be completed in 2022.

This distinction has earned us accolades from the Grenadian government, and officials & investors alike partner with us because of our impeccable track record and accountability.

Investments in our Grenada project begin at $220,000 USD for a family of four.

Second citizenship by investment experts in Dubai, with global reach into the Caribbean

With many CBI firms offering economic citizenship programs around the world, many of which are unproven and untrustworthy, it’s important to work with local second citizenship experts that understand the unique concerns and goals of HNWs in Dubai.

Range Developments is headquartered in Dubai, with highly qualified and experienced citizenship by investment advisors, immigration attorneys and financial consultants on staff to provide personalized assistance. Our team can meet with you locally to discuss your investment goals, and find a Caribbean citizenship by investment program that meets your long term needs.

Our founder and managing director, Mohammed Asaria, is well-known throughout the UAE and the world as a leading authority on citizenship by investment. Under his expertise and guidance, our team has helped over 1,600 investors and 4,000 individuals receive second citizenships and achieve the flexibility, mobility and security needed to thrive locally and abroad.

To speak with one of our citizenship by investment advisors in Dubai, you may reach us at + 971 4-325-3447 or click here to contact us online.

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