Launch of Inclusive Sewing Course


While working on our ongoing CSR Program in Dominica, we got acquainted with an establishment called Achievement Learning Center, which has dedicated itself to developing essential skills in individuals with special needs. The organization works earnestly to offer atypical children special education, academic support, vocational training, reading intervention, adult education, life skill training, and so on. We wished to join them in this mission and extend a hand to push their aims towards fruition.

Range Developments teamed up with ALC to start a new course aimed at imparting employable sewing skills to its students so that they can lead their lives as contributing members of society. The course will also enable ALC to partner up with other non-profit entities that work towards similar goals in order to expand the offerings for their students. The course will include not only children with special needs but also the children attached to the partner NGOs, which will allow them to learn from each other and support each other. We believe that we have taken a small step with ALC to raise awareness regarding the challenges faced by individuals with special needs, spread the message of inclusiveness and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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