Majestic & Magical: Photobook Art Project By Yuri Jones


Range Developments has always taken a keen interest in promoting local art and helping the economy in the process. Hence, we are very proud to be sponsoring an art project entitled ‘Majestic and Magical’ which focuses on the diversity of flora and fauna on the Island of Dominica.

‘Majestic and Magical’ is a beautiful, hardback coffee table photobook containing over 130 stunning photographs taken by local photographer Yuri Jones.

With exquisite pictures of the landscape, waterways and Dominica’s wildlife, the aim of the book is to highlight the unique beauty of what the Island has to offer.

By supporting this initiative, Range Developments hopes to positively impact both the local economy and communities alike.

Being the first of its kind, the photobook is to showcase the natural beauty of Dominica to international visitors and bring fresh interest to the Island by encouraging more people to explore the region.

This is crucial because tourism is the backbone of the economy, boosting trade and helping provide stable income for the locals. The ‘Majestic and Magical’ will be used by both the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of their regular activities in promoting tourism to the area.

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