Non Profit Uniforms Donation Program


As any non-profit will attest to, operational costs are some of the largest expenses an organization incurs. Alleviating any operational costs for non-profits goes a long way in improving the work and level of service these amazing organizations do on a daily basis.

That is the reason one of the unveiled Range Developments’ initiatives has been the support the company extended to a number of non-for-profit entities including CALLS (Center Where Adolescents Learn to Love and Serve) and Nothern District Home for the Aged by providing them with much needed uniforms and other items of clothing.

Both of these organizations rely heavily on charitable donations from local and overseas sources, as well as monthly contributons from the church and other fundraising initiatives in order to cover their operational costs. This pro-active gesture from Range Developments relieved these institutions of the cost of providing uniforms to its staff, thus enabling them to allocate funds to other vital matters.

We’re deeply grateful for the opportunity to help those amazing organizations!

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