Promising Students Awarded Academic Scholarships


Christie Auguiste and David Benjamin won the coveted scholarships last year based on their hardworking efforts and impressive academic performance. The scholarships are fully funded and valid for the duration of their studies at Orion Academy.

Christie Auguiste,student at Orion Academy said:

“On behalf of David and myself I would like to express our gratitude to Range Developments for granting us scholarships. I feel accomplished and this reward pushes me to work harder and do my best, I am proud to be a member of the Orion family,thank you Range Developments. “

Orion Academy in Roseau, Bath Estate was founded in 2003 by parents who wanted an alternative educational experience for their children.Smaller class sizes, stronger parental involvement and a focus on the holistic development of the individual are some of the key differences which set it a part from other secondary schools across the island.

Mr. Kamal Shehada,Development Director of Range Developments said:

“We believe that good education is a key stepping stone to future success and are delighted to be supporting two of Orion Academy’s brightest pupils with these scholarships. We hope our support will encourage other students to also work hard and follow in their footsteps.”

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