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Does Dominica Allow Dual Citizenship?

Dominica is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, and besides that, Dominica’s passport offers a number of perks which is one of the primary reasons many investors look into seeking dual citizenship. There are several pathways to gaining dual citizenship and benefitting from the many advantages that come with being a citizen of Dominica! 

Read below to discover the facts regarding dual citizenship in Dominica and how to gain it for yourself. 

Pathways to Dual Dominica Citizenship

There are several ways to gain second citizenship in Dominica for yourself, and each has its own costs, requirements, and timeframes to keep in mind. While some of these paths to dual citizenship in Dominica are available to everyone, others have requirements meant to attract those who can financially benefit the country.

  1. Citizenship by Ancestry
  2. Citizenship by Naturalization
  3. Citizenship by Marriage
  4. Citizenship by Investment
    • This route to dual citizenship in Dominica is granted upon investment into the country and it is the fastest way to obtain citizenship. The CBI programme is meant to attract wealthy investors into participating in developments around the country, such as luxury resorts and other government-approved projects. For more information on Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme, please explore here.

Those are the main routes to having dual citizenship in Dominica. Each path has its own timetables and requirements that may fit your unique circumstances, but each one gives the same advantages as a born citizen of Dominica. 

View of Roseau, Dominica, in the Caribbean.

Benefits of Dominica Citizenship

The primary reason so many investors look to having dual citizenship in Dominica is because of the wide range of benefits they gain through it. Once you’ve settled on the appropriate pathway to dual citizenship, you’ll be able to enjoy advantages such as:

  • Tax efficiency,  granting the ability to secure your wealth. 
  • Ability to add your family into the citizenship application. 
  • The right to live, work and study in Dominica
  • Citizenship is passed down through generations
  • No minimum stay is required for the Citizenship by Investment path to Dominica dual citizenship

These benefits can operate as opportunities to further your goals or provide security against instability in your current home country. Having a Dominica passport and dual citizenship has become especially beneficial in recent years, as the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated. 

Dominica Dual Citizenship and Range Developments

Given that the applicant meets the requirements of a CBI Program,  Dominica has almost no restrictions on dual citizenship for Citizenship by Investment applicants and that path to being a Dominica citizen is the quickest one with the most advantages. We at Range Developments have extensive experience and knowledge in guiding investors to securing dual citizenship through Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment programme. 

By investing in the government-approved InterContinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa you can participate in Dominica’s CBI programme and quickly gain dual citizenship yourself. We invite you to explore the award-winning resort here.

Another benefit to pursuing dual citizenship via Dominica’s CBI programme is being able to release your investment after five years, furthering your wealth without losing citizenship in the island paradise. While there are other options for people to pursue dual citizenship in Dominica, Citizenship by Investment is the only one that allows for these opportunities without years of waiting and permits. 

If you’re interested in claiming the benefits of dual citizenship in Dominica for yourself, your family, and the opportunities that follow, we encourage you to speak to one of our Citizenship by Investment consultants.

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