Range Developments Donates Vehicle To Support Dominica’s Fishing Sector


Range Developments Donates Vehicle To Support Dominica’s Fishing Sector

Range Developments, an award-winning local property developer, has taken the initiative to support the fishing sector in Dominica by donating a vehicle to Dublanc Fishing Group, Inc. (DFG), an organization that seeks to develop the fishing community by bringing fishermen together as a structured body.

Fishing is the primary occupation for the community of Dublanc, and, by extension, more than half the population benefits in some way from the sale of fish. DFG was founded in 1980 and is currently operating as a non-profit group that works to uphold fishermen’s interests. The group not only assists the fishing community in organizing their business but also donates fish to hospitals, infirmaries, and nursing homes.

This year, they plan to extend the service to schools with meal programs that offer lunch to students. The donated vehicle will be key to the smooth delivery of fish from the fishing communities to the healthcare institutions, schools, and marketplace. This, in turn, will allow fishermen to see better distribution of their products and higher returns for their hard work.

Range Developments is filled with admiration for DFG after witnessing their dedication to the fishing community’s welfare. We are elated to be of assistance to this exemplary initiative, and the vehicle is our token of respect for their efforts. This is what George James, the President of DFG, had to say about the donation: “I am delighted that Range Developments took an interest in our project. The vehicle will help us materialize our plans of supplying fish to medical institutes and schools. It will also facilitate quicker transportation of produce, leading to better income for the fishermen. I want to thank Range Developments from the bottom of my heart for their firm and consistent support.”

Kamal Shehada, Managing Director at Range Developments, shared his thoughts on the initiative: “It is an honor for us to be a part of DFG’s project, which aims to benefit the fishing community by organizing them and boosting their earnings. We give them our warmest wishes and hope that they succeed in their endeavors.”

 A similar venture, linked to a medical outreach program, was conducted last year where RD donated a 4×4 vehicle to Dr. Taura Breedy in order to facilitate reaching patients living in the remote communities of the north.

Range Developments is committed to furthering their social responsibility efforts by supporting valuable projects and initiatives aimed at tackling existing challenges in the Caribbean and accelerating its development. If you wish to inform us regarding projects that might interest us, please contact us at kamila.ondrackova@rangedevelopments.ziplinestaging.com.



Dublanc Fishing Group, Inc. (DFG) members Glen LaRocque (left foreground), Jamie Deluge (right foreground), Ludwig Bertrand (middle), and Ricardo Laville prepare the rope connected to their group fad (a man made device that attracts fish) so that they can deploy it in the sea around their village. The weight that will drop the fad can be seen on the second boat. Photo by Renee Hubka/DFG

Handover of the Range Developments’ vehicle to George James, the President of Dublanc Fishing Group

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