InterContinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa – Range Developments revives local heritage and its impact in wider sense


InterContinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa – Range Developments revives local heritage and its impact in wider sense.

Along with the widespread blue seas, breathtaking scenery, perfect weather and exotic food, the InterContinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa makes the Caribbean Islands the perfect holiday destination. One cannot undermine the importance of a comfortable accommodation when planning a vacation and Range Developments know it a little too well. The company has a number of high-quality projects to its credit and InterContinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa is the latest notch in its belt. Forbes called the project, “one of the most anticipated new hotels openings in 2019 and beyond” and rightly so. The style is deliberately kept ‘contemporary Caribbean’ to allow the guests enjoy an exotic stay while experiencing the rugged beauty of the Island.

As the first official five-star resort in Dominica, this hotel had to be one of a kind and Range Developments did not disappoint. The amount of detailing in every aspect of the construction shows the remarkable thought process put in the design. Upon entering the lobby, the gigantic floor-to-ceiling windows offer an infinite view of the sea, while the wooden and stone décor instantly creates a local Dominican aura. Muted shades dominate the interior creating a very chic and cozy feel. The extensive use of wood and stone in the construction is a purposeful attempt to capture the local essence.

Stone cutting and stone laying were a common building methodology for architects in the previous centuries, however this feat has nearly become a lost heritage. Therefore, stone masons from local community were consulted to incorporate this local art into the wall design. The roof design of the public spaces such as the beach club, beach cabanas, as well as of the entire premises of the spa was inspired by the indigenous vernacular as the historically documented architectural style used by the original Kalinago people. The Kalinago people, formerly referred to as Caribs, were among the First Nations of the Caribbean region. A group of their descendants occupy the only indigenous Kalinago Territory in the world, having been driven to occupy lands along the harsh coastline in the north-east of Dominica or Waitukubuli, the island’s Kalinago name.  Due to the determination, resilience and indomitable spirit of the Kalinago People, and given the rugged terrain of Waitukubuli, the Kalinago People managed to survive the invasion of their lands and decimation of the majority of their tribe by the colonials, preserving their rich and unique cultural heritage.

Striking pieces of art used to enhance the interior design of the hotel have been created predominantly from natural materials such as driftwood, calabash, coconut and larouma. Larouma, is a reed used by the Kalinago artisans to make intricately hand woven baskets, bowls and other beautiful functional craft items, including a variety of signature décor pieces.  Large ornamental Mountain Chickens or ‘Crapauds’ as the Dominicans call them in Creole, endemic to Dominica, are found scattered attractively throughout the resort, reminding visitors of the beauty and diversity of flora and fauna characteristic of the enchanting Nature Isle.


The attention-to-detail is not only limited to the interior design and décor, but it is evident in every aspect of the hotel. There are treehouse-like spa cabins and a mud pit where the guests can enjoy the famous Dominican healing sulphuric mud baths. The resort has garnered great reviews for its exceptional culinary setting featuring Dominican and international cuisine. When it’s time to make a toast, the RumFire bar of the hotel offers a wide range of local bush rums entertaining flavors from vanilla , cinnamon, lemon grass or rosemary to signature ‘creations’ incorporating local plants such as chook chook,  nani, or meze’ mawee, a creole term for sensitive grass. The widespread garden not only makes a spectacular view but also features a wide range of regional plants and fruits such as plantains, dasheen, soursop, papaya and passion fruit as well as variety of healing herbs and spices to create an authentic tropical vibe and to allow for perfectly fresh farm-to-table dining.

The location of the hotel further adds to its authenticity. Surrounded by Cabrits National Park and sitting on the peninsula of the Caribbean coast, the luxury resort offers breathtaking views. It is a deluxe base from where the tourists can enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the Island. All 151 rooms at the resort have access to either panoramic ocean view or lush green mountain views. The Caribbean style, flourishing layers of color, hymn of the insects, butterflies and birds, and a wide variety of regional fruit and herbs’ garden, create a rendezvous place for all the nature lovers to experience quality time away from the fast-paced world.

A recent survey showed that over 50% of travelers agreed that culture and heritage are strong influencers on their choice of holiday destination. However, benefits of accentuating the local culture and heritage surpass the direct spending levels and can be categorized into three groups: economic, social and environmental. Some of those include:

  • preservation of local traditions, customs and culture
  • improves community’s image and pride
  • builds opportunities for healthy and useful community relationships and partnerships
  • provides research, education and work placement
  • creates enjoyable experiences for both local residents and visitors attracted to the cultural arts history and preservation
  • boosts local investment in heritage resources and amenities
  • helps encourage a culture of preservation, helps encourage local residents and visitors to be mindful about their impact on the natural and built environment

Range Developments has garnered global attention not only because of its dedicated approach to delivering first class hotel properties but also by making difference for local communities wherever they operate. Early this year, the company announced the commencement of initial work of Six Senses La Sagesse Grenada, another grand project by Range Developments. The project is expected to be completed by November 2022.

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