Range Helps to Develop First of its Kind Facility for Prosthetics


The remote areas in the small islands of the Caribbean often struggle to find reliable healthcare support or medical equipment for amputees. The Keep Walking Association was started to bridge this gap between people in need of proper prostheses and professionals who can supply and fit prosthetic equipment. Over the years, KWA has allied with prosthetic manufacturers and professional volunteer orthopedists to turn into the first-of-its-kind facility that provides prosthetics and related medical advice entirely free of cost.

Range Developments recognized the potential of KWA’s mission and realized that a permanent facility in Dominica would help them extend their support to a larger population. We have been continuously backing the commendable social welfare project in the form of consultancy and steady contribution of reusable building materials. It makes us ecstatic to see that their factory reconstruction is in full swing, and they are only a few steps away from a significant milestone. We sincerely hope that KWA’s story will inspire others to start their own welfare projects to create a positive change within society.

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