Range Joins Regenerative Agriculture Movement in Dominica


With the earth’s population steadily on the rise, food security has become a more pressing issue. Conventional chemical agriculture is harmful to natural ecosystems as they result in erosion, desertification, and poisoning of the surrounding areas. The loss of arable topsoil worldwide is alarming from both an environmental and economic perspective.


To address this concern, Range Developments partnered with Free Up farm in 2018 to implement the sustainable principles of regenerative farming. We aimed to create a first-of-its-kind Permaculture Demonstration site showcasing different soil and water-saving techniques that boost and retain the soil’s natural fertility while increasing its efficiency.


Through our assistance with large earthworks, supply of recycled building material for basic infrastructure, and a constant flow of passionate volunteers over the years, Free Up farm has fully transitioned from chemical to sustainable organic farm in 3 years. It has successfully created a vast diversity in food and cash crops, fine-tuned its educational activities, and immensely contributed to the regenerative agriculture movement in Dominica.


The promising results seen at Free Up Farm prove that soil regeneration is indeed one of the most potent tools for sustainable food practices and has the power to tackle some of the most critical environmental problems that we face today. We are proud to be a part of such a visionary project, and we hope to inspire farmers all over the world to switch to regenerative agriculture.

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