Range School Fund Celebrates 6 Years


Education transforms lives. It ignites every phase of the journey to a better life, and it has the unique capacity to act as a catalyst for wider development goals, including increasing chances of getting jobs, participating fully in the development of our society, and leading healthy, meaningful lives.

Because of this recognition, education has become one of the key tenets of our social responsibility program that aims to develop and improve the well-being of local communities on the islands of St. Kitts, Dominica and Grenada.

In 2017, we launched one of our very first educational initiatives, the Range School Fund, catering to an extensive need for children’s school essentials that would motivate the young minds to experience school as a haven for infinite potential and growth. The enormous response has swiftly led to it being our annual endeavor, gradually expanding its scope. This year, celebrating 6 years of its existence, we are proud to share that the initiative has assisted 3,500 students from both primary and secondary schools through donations of school bags, notebooks, and equipped pencil cases.

The Range School Fund also successfully ties into adjacent initiatives promoting learning in all its forms, including the provision of scholarship grants, assistance with schools’ infrastructure, or the development of employable skills programs and workshops.

Our initiatives encompass quality educational development from primary school to higher education and beyond, and it is our wish that children and young adults within the Caribbean get the opportunities they need and deserve to build their lives as well as the economies of their respective islands.

Range School Fund
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