Программа «50 Академических Стипендий Для Малоимущих Студентов»


Ask any Country in the world where they should invest to secure their future, and the answer is almost always without exception this: good education for young people. Education provides huge opportunities for growth and ensures stability and a brighter future for a Country’s economy. It’s no co-incidence that the poorest countries in the world are also the ones which have the lowest literacy rates.

This is precisely the reason why in 2016, Range Developments created a scholarship program to help under-privileged but promising students the chance of having their academic dreams fulfilled.

Each scholarship was worth $1,000, and covered the cost of studying for 50 of the brightest students on the Island of Dominica.

We’re delighted that the scholarship program has been a huge success and a source of help for the students. They are now on a path to success which will open up many opportunities for them in the future.

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