Storm Erika Food & Emergency Supply Relief


Storm Erika happened in August 2015 and was considered to be one of the deadliest natural disasters to ever have hit Dominica since Hurricane David almost 40 years ago in 1979. Much of the Island’s infrastructure was wiped out with thousands of roads, bridges and homes destroyed, as well as thousands more people being displaced due to flooding and landslides. Local authorities were unable to cope with the scale of the destruction, and were heavily reliant on outside aid and resources to help rebuild Dominica from the ground up.

Recognizing the severity of the problem, we stepped in to help. Although Range Developments is most well-known for building beautiful holiday resorts, we instead turned our attention to something much more important – rebuilding lives. We sent over 100 tons of food and household goods to bring much-needed relief to the Islanders. Survival essentials such as tinned food, nappies, water and baby milk were sent via a special convoy to Dominica within days of the storm subsiding.

In addition to the disaster relief we provided for the locals, our developments have played (and continue to play) an instrumental role in helping to rebuild Dominica’s economy.

The construction of our luxury development ‘The Cabrits Resort’ in Douglas Bay is currently providing hundreds of locals with much-needed jobs. Once the complex is complete, the resulting tourism will boost the economy by bringing revenue to the island for many generations to come. And this means a brighter future for the people of this beautiful Island.

As a company, we’ve always placed social corporate responsibility as key to the success of our organization, with a firm belief that you must give to receive. It’s what makes what we do that much sweeter and so worthwhile!

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