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The crown jewel of the eastern Caribbean Sea, Grenada is located to the north of Latin America. This small island nation is home to boundless opportunity for foreigners seeking luxury travel, incredible investment opportunities, and pathways to the United States.

Grenada’s architecture and landscape are unlike any other in the Caribbean. Pastel picturesque buildings dot the lush tropical hillsides, overlooking pristine cerulean waters. Yachts and charter-boats line the docks of the seaside capital of St. George’s, where a diverse mix of travelers from around the world come to soak up the sun and beauty of this island nation.

The warm and inviting climate is one of Grenada’s most popular features. Temperatures average 28 °C. Seasonal rainfall gives birth to a wide array of lush vegetation year-round, providing a stunning backdrop for luxury properties such as the Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada

Grenada’s educational infrastructure is highly developed, and the government has dedicated numerous resources to the highly acclaimed St. George’s University School of Medicine. Citizens have ample opportunities to attend school for free or affordable cost.

About Grenada Citizenship by Investment

The Grenada citizenship by investment program is one of the oldest, most popular and most successful CBI programs in the Caribbean.The Grenadian government has spent decades refining the program to make Grenada the number one destination for foreign investors seeking taxation relief and access to the United States. 

Grenada owes much of its success to strategic partnerships with proven and reliable CBI developers who follow through on investor contributions and deliver successful projects. Range Developments works closely with the Grenada government to ensure CBI program success, and is the only developer in the Caribbean to have delivered two luxury resorts that fulfill CBI program requirements. When you invest in a Grenada citizenship by investment program, you will be eligible to obtain Grenadian citizenship. Through this citizenship

you will have all of the rights as a natural born Grenadian, including the right to live and work in Grenada for any period of time. Investors will be pleased to know that there is no residency requirement, meaning you do not have to reside or work in Grenada in order to maintain your citizenship.

Grenada also permits citizens to have second citizenship, making a Grenada citizenship valuable to foreign investors seeking second passport opportunities. Citizenship can be extended to family members including spouse, dependent children and dependent parents. 

Additionally, foreign investors who obtain Grenada citizenship receive relief from global taxation. Grenada has no foreign income, gift, inheritance, capital gains or wealth tax. You will also enjoy duty-free trading throughout the Caribbean.

Get Access To The United States Through Grenada Citizenship & the E2 Visa

The most sought after and valuable aspect of Grenada citizenship is the unique opportunity to access the United States through the E2 visa. Grenada holds a treaty of trade and commerce with the United States, and its citizens are eligible to apply for the opportunity to work and live in the US.

Obtaining a US E2 visa offers these key opportunities:

  • The ability to live and work in the United States
  • Spouses can work anywhere in the US
  • E-2 visa holders can reside in the US for 120 days and without being subject to worldwide income taxation
  • Children can attend the best US public schools for the cost of in-state tuition
  • The investor can open and operate an approved US business 
  • The E2 visa can be renewed an unlimited number of times

For more information about the E2 visa, visit our investor resource guide:

Invest in the leading Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

As a global investor, your priority is to make sound and reliable investments that minimize risk and grant you the greatest number of opportunities to enter foreign markets. That is why it is critically important to choose a citizenship by investment firm that has a proven track record of success and a commitment to enriching the communities they operate in. 

Range Developments has a deep dedication to corporate social responsibility, and we work hard to ensure that the communities we serve are made better by our partnerships. Our community outreach extends throughout the Caribbean, with many charitable programs and projects completed and currently underway.

Explore Our Luxury Real Estate Projects

In addition to our work within local communities, we strive to produce ultra luxury, high quality projects that create jobs, advance career development opportunities, and create a halo effect on local economies. We believe that your investment should not only provide sound returns and security for you and your family, but have a positive ripple effect in the lives of your new neighbors and community.

Choosing a proven and responsible citizenship by investment firm is the most important step you can take to protect your investment. 

Range Developments has completed two CBI real estate projects in the Caribbean:

Simply put: We have raised the bar in luxury tourism.

Our third project in Grenada, Six Senses LaSagesse, is on track to be completed in 2022. Construction has started, and many investors from around the world have partnered with us to take advantage of the numerous financial, social and economic benefits of a Grenada passport.

Grenada citizenship can be obtained for a one time investment of $299,880 USD. And investors can rest assured that they and their immediate family receive citizenship for life. Your investment in Grenada also opens access to apply for the valuable US E-2 visa.

For more information about your investment opportunities in Grenada, contact a Range Developments consultant for personalized assistance.

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