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Grenada beckons Indian HNIs with attractive CBI program

PUBLISHED: Dec 15, 2020 05:17:03 PM IST

Range Developments takes pride in being a pioneer in the investment and hospitality industry across the Eastern Caribbean. Let us understand their CBI Program.


According to a survey conducted by IIFL Wealth Management and the UK based Wealth-X, the number of wealthy Indians and their prosperity is expected to rise 88% over the next five years. The rise in the number of HNIs has also given rise to the number of people wanting global mobility, as it is an important aspect to businesses that want to survive and thrive in today’s environment. However the ongoing pandemic has people looking out for economic and political stability.

So, if you are a High Net Worth Individual who is looking for stability and global mobility in terms of a second passport as means to expand your business across the globe, this is where you should start. Range Developments brings you an economic citizenship-by-investment (CBI) in Grenada, that not only strengthens your portfolio but also brings you a bunch of other benefits.


According to Mohammed Asaria, Founder and Managing Director of Range Developments, “A second citizenship is no longer a luxury rather a necessity for the High Net Worth Investor. The benefits it brings along with it are unparalleled. In addition to a strong investment portfolio, it also provides one with a greater range of migration options and visa-free travel freedom, crucial to today’s business persons.”


What Exactly Is Citizenship-By-Investment?


The process of legally obtaining a second nationality and passport by investing in the economy (usually in form of property investment), of a host country is called Citizenship-By-Investment. The process generally takes place faster than the traditional immigration process, without having investors to put their lives on hold. There is no need to visit or reside the host country. CBI opens up a world of possibilities for HNIs. Applications are generally approved in roughly three months, resulting in citizenship for life, a valid second passport, visa-free travel and much more.


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Park Hyatt, St. Kitts


What are the benefits of CBI Program?


Following are the unmatched perks of Range Development’s CBI Program:


Grenadian Citizenship And An Exclusive US E-2 Visa: Grenada is the only country in the Caribbean having a CBI program wherein citizens have access to work and reside in the US, as an investor under the United States’ exclusive E-2 Visa programme; which you get access to by virtue of the Grenadian Citizenship.


If you decide to migrate to the US through the E2 visa, not only can you launch and operate a business anywhere within the United States, your spouse also gets an authorization to work there. Likewise, it opens up opportunity for your kids to get quality education in the US at preferential rates.


Solid Investment: CBI in Grenada offers an excellent opportunity to create a secure future by investing in a real estate development project that’s approved by the Grenadian government. There’s a mandatory 5-year investment holding period once you invest in the property. However, post completion of this period, the investor is free to sell his investment share to another person. The original investor will continue to maintain his citizenship to perpetuity and the new investor will also be eligible for a Grenadian citizenship.


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InterContinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa, Dominica


Global Mobility: An Indian passport is restrictive, requiring Indians to obtain visas whenever they need to travel abroad. A second passport can offer HNIs from India increased global mobility. A Grenadian passport allows visa-free entry into over 140 countries including USA, UK, China, Schengen Countries and Russia; which is priceless to businesspeople the world over.


Business: New business opportunities open up to participants in CBI programs as they can do business in the host country as well as countries the host country has strategic tie-ups with. With the Range Development’s CBI programme, one is free to not only conduct business in the US by applying for the E2 visa, but also reside there with their entire family and enjoy the benefits that come along with it.


Tax Management: A dual citizenship helps in tax optimization purposes. Grenadian citizenship helps individuals avoid potential citizenship based tax and also on inheritance tax. Grenada does not levy any foreign income tax, property tax, gift tax, tax on wealth or inheritance tax, allowing investors to manage their wealth more efficiently and effectively.


Family: Second citizenships through Range Development’s CBI programme opens up access to world-class health care, education and an improved lifestyle to the family members of the main applicant as well. This means that investors can secure a better future for their spouse, children as well as dependant parents.


Education: Investing in a second citizenship opens up access to the best schools in the world for applicants and their children, paving the way to a successful life ahead.


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Park Hyatt, St. Kitts


Why Invest Only Through Range Development?


Range Developments’ trusted CBI programmes cannot be found elsewhere. The company boasts of using only the best construction teams, partnership with the world’s top hospitality brands, use of finest materials, unique design features that attract luxury travellers, a inimitable trust structure and extensive CSR programmes.


Range Developments takes pride in being a pioneer in the investment and hospitality industry across the Eastern Caribbean. Having completed and opened two 5-star luxury resorts that are way above the industry standards, they are now onto their third project in Grenada. The company’s first project – Park Hyatt St. Kitts (November 2017) was honoured by the CNN as ‘the best new hotel in the Caribbean’ and by Forbes as ‘a grand Caribbean debut’. Its second project – InterContinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa (October 2019) was recognised by Conde Nast Traveller as one of the most anticipated luxury hotel openings. Its third and most recent beachside project – the Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada – is set to open in 2022, promising world-class amenities and an unmatched experience.

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