The Indian OCI Card &
Grenada Citizenship By Investment

Invest in Grenada &Open the Doors for New Opportunities

Are you an Indian citizen who is looking to open doors for your family by providing them with better work and education opportunities, or the potential to move to the United States? Are you looking to better structure your tax burden, diversify your investment portfolio, and protect your assets?

Today, you have the ability to accomplish all of this and more through Citizenship by Investment Programmes (CBI) in Grenada and other Caribbean nations. 

An increasingly popular choice among Indian citizens, CBI programmes can provide Indians with a better life for themselves and their families, in addition to ensuring long-term financial security.

Furthermore, when coupled with the Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card, Indian citizens now have the ability to acquire the benefits that CBI provides while still maintaining the majority of their rights as Indian citizens, and their Indian residency, work status, and national and cultural identities. 

The Benefits of Grenada CBI

One of the most popular CBI programmes in the world, The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme provides you with Grenadian citizenship through investment in government approved economic development projects. What this means for you is life-long, visa free access to one of the most luxurious and picturesque islands in the Caribbean, in addition to numerous other financial and lifestyle perks

With a fast application process, no residency requirements and visa-free travel to destinations around the world, the benefits of Grenada CBI Programme are far-reaching.

But more importantly, as a citizen of Grenada you will have the ability to access the United States through the E2 Visa Program. Obtaining the US E2 Visa is a unique feature of the Grenada CBI Programme that provides you with:

The Indian OCI Card & Grenada Citizenship By Investment.
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OCI was created by The Central Government of India as a way for non-citizens of Indian descent to be eligible for the majority of the same rights as full Indian citizens. 

Essentially, OCI is a form of permanent residency which allows members of the Indian diaspora who hold foreign passports to have a multiple entry, lifelong visa to visit, live, and work in India. In addition, OCI cardholders are provided parity with Indian citizens in financial, economic, and educational areas, as well as benefiting from many other rights Indian citizens have

Although the Constitution of India and the Citizenship Act of 1955 prohibits dual citizenship, the OCI program provides an easy means for Indian CBI investors to obtain the benefits from their new country of citizenship, while still maintaining most of their rights as Indians.

The OCI program also provides an excellent way to manage your potential tax burdens. OCI card holders are liable to pay taxes in India only on any income earned while working in India. This provides optimal tax relief to those living and working abroad.

Applying for OCI can be done after cancellation of your Indian passport and renunciation of Indian citizenship. You will need to provide proof of your Cancelled Indian passport and obtain a Renunciation Certificate. Additional information about the application process can be found at the OCI Services website and the Indian Bureau of Immigration

Range Developments Can Help

Range Developments has worked closely with Indian investors on development projects for over a decade. We are a leader in CBI programs and have the proven experience to allow you to make the most of your foreign investment and maximize the benefits of Caribbean citizenship.

If you still have questions about the Grenada CBI Programme, its benefits, or how OCI can help make your decision easier, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your options with you.

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