What You Need To Know About Grenada Passports

What You Need to Know about Grenada Passport

One of the most enduring and important investments you can make is in your future, and a second passport may be the most valuable asset you own. With global mobility on the rise, and an increased demand for access to the world’s top markets, investors have an incredible opportunity to unlock key tax relief destinations.

At Range Developments, we specialize in helping investors locate and obtain second passports in countries that offer the greatest number of financial and social advantages to the investor and their family. Of the many second passports available, a Grenada passport is among the most sought after and valuable because of its many tax advantages and unique status as a Caribbean country that holds a treaty of navigation and commerce with the United States.

As you consider your second passport options, we invite you to take a closer look at Grenada and the key advantages offered through Grenadian citizenship. 

An Introduction to Grenada, the Caribbean’s Top Destination

Sitting to the north of Latin America, Grenada is a small island nation in the Caribbean with a vast number of luxury resorts, entertainment destinations and tourist attractions. Grenada’s beautiful beaches and comfortable climate make it an ideal destination for travelers seeking an escape from crowded, busy cities.

The Grenadian people are warm, inviting and incredibly generous. Citizens have many reasons to love their home country, including the fact that Grenadians can attend the country’s best schools for free or affordable cost.

Whether you make Grenada your permanent place of residency, or you simply want to visit from time to time, you’ll always feel at home in Grenada. 

Grenada Passport Requirements

Grenada has one of the oldest and most successful second passport programs in the world, and is home to investors from every corner of the globe. The primary method for obtaining a Grenada passport is through a citizenship by investment program (CBI). 

Citizenship by investment offers foreigners the opportunity to make a financial contribution to a government approved real estate project, and in return, the investor and their immediate family receive citizenship in that country.

Before we explain more about citizenship by investment, there are other key requirements to obtain a Grenada passport. Criteria includes: 

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How You Can Get A Grenada Passport

Grenada’s citizenship by investment program is highly successful and is widely sought after because of its affordability and close ties with the United States.

Here’s how Grenada citizenship by investment works:

Range Developments has a unique distinction in Grenada as the only CBI developer to have successfully completed 2 luxury real estate projects in the Caribbean. Our status as a proven and reliable developer gives investors confidence in the preservation of their capital.

View our completed citizenship by investment projects in St. Kitts and Dominica.

Our third and current project is the Six Senses La Sagesse in Grenada. This ultra luxury resort is scheduled to open in 2022. We’re proud to offer investors a proven and reliable way to obtain a Grenada passport through our work on this beautiful and exciting project. 

How A Grenada Passport Opens The Door to the E2 Visa*

One of the primary reasons to invest in a Grenada passport is that as a Grenadian citizen you have the opportunity to apply for the US E2 visa*. Grenada is the only Caribbean country with a treaty of navigation and commerce with the United States, which is a prerequisite for being able to apply for the E2 visa*.

There are many compelling reasons why investors seek out E2 visas*. Through the E2 visa* investors can spend up to 120 days in the United States without being subject to global income taxation. Furthermore, the investor’s spouse can work anywhere in the US, and your children can attend the top schools in the country.

Learn more about the E2 visa* and how you can live, work and reside in the United States. 

* Terms and Conditions apply. Please contact a US immigration lawyer for further information.

Whether your goal is to access the US through the E2 visa*, or simply wish to enjoy the many benefits of a Grenada passport, Range Developments can help you achieve your investment goals.

Our experienced and trusted advisors are ready to answer your questions and help you start your journey to Grenada.

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