Wheelchair distribution


The local investment and hospitality company has distributing wheelchairs to beneficiaries all over the island, thus helping them to become more mobile and better able to partake in life’s activities. Some of the organizations that have benefited from the initiative so far include Portsmouth Hospital, The Northern District Home for the Aged, Grotto House for the Homeless, Achievement Learning Centre, Dominica Infirmary as well as various community Health centers across the island.

Kamal Shehada, Development Director of Range Developments said:

“As part of our ongoing CSR work, we identified a severe shortage of wheelchairs across Dominica. Due to this unfortunate situation, many families were being forced to carry their disabled relatives everywhere, and many organizations were not able to properly assist their disabled members which was very stressful for all concerned. We are therefore pleased to help individuals and organizations in need through our donation of 120 new wheelchairs.”    

Range Developments has also reached out to a number of individuals across Dominica who are actively engaged with their local community in order to best identify people in need of wheelchairs. One such individual who has received a wheel chair is Clifford Wallace from Clifton, who wrote a letter expressing his gratitude to Range Developments.

Clifford Wallace, wheelchair recipient said:

“I would just like to express my many thanks and sincerest gratitude for this much timely and much appreciated donation. I have been wheelchair bound for the past five years and the chair that I used had reached a state of disrepair. May the good Lord continue to shower his blessings on you and your company.”  

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