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Citizenship in Grenada: Visa-free Countries

Citizenship in Grenada carries many direct advantages not given by many countries, including visa-free travel and visa on arrival. Many investors interested in economic citizenship consider the benefits attached to a particular passport as one of the main areas they consider, as having access to more visa-free countries opens many business doors.

To better understand this specific benefit of Grenada’s passport and second citizenship in the island jewel, we will discuss what visa-free means and other important points to understand before listing the countries you would have access to with a Grenada passport. 

Grenada’s Passport, What Does Visa-free Mean?

Grenada’s passport is one of the most coveted amongst economic citizenship investors. Having Grenadian citizenship, and their passport means having access to over 140 different visa-free countries. The reason visa-free travel is important to many investors is the time and money it saves when wanting to do business abroad or travel for leisure. 

The term “visa-free” means exactly what it says: the ability to enter a country without first obtaining a visa. In many countries, you would need to get a visa to travel to another country by sending your passport to your consulate there and paying a fee to receive your visa. By having a Grenadian passport, there is no need to do anything in advance. Another reason for Grenada’s passport being ranked so highly is that many countries do not have the extensive list of visa-free countries that Grenada does; for example, China has only 16 countries listed as visa-free.

Visa-free vs. Visa on Arrival

When you go through the list later in this article, you’ll notice that some countries are listed as “visa on arrival.” This is a slightly different legal concept than visa-free countries that amounts to obtaining your visa for entry upon arriving there instead of having to wait in your home country. When traveling to countries listed as “visa on arrival” you do not need to apply for a travel visa beforehand, you’ll be able to receive it at the designated office of that country. 

Visa-free Travel Countries

The list of visa-free countries that citizenship in Grenada gives a person is extensive, with over 140 nations. Among these countries, that investors should take special note of are:

  • the United Kingdom
  • the Schengen Countries
  • Russia
  • China
  • access to the USA E-2 Visa (link to blog)

Each of the visa-free countries has its own stipulations on how long someone can remain in their country. If any of the visa-free countries is a place you’re interested in visiting, whether for business or leisure, check on their specific requirements. Some durations are only 90 days while others can last 6 months, while others allow freedom of movement within a community of nations (such as the Commonwealth) while others do not. 

How to Get a Grenada Passport

There are several ways to gain second citizenship in Grenada, but the fastest way that delivers the most advantages is through Citizenship by Investment. Grenada’s CBI programme is one of the most celebrated in the world, the access to over 140 visa-free countries being one of those reasons. Here at Range Developments, we have extensive experience guiding our clients to securing a Grenadian passport and taking advantage of the many benefits that come with being a citizen in Grenada. For a more full explanation of those opportunities, we encourage you to explore this page:

To get started on your journey of global citizenship and visa-free travel, we encourage you to speak to one of our Citizenship by Investment consultants. 

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