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Indian Investors Seek Pathways to the United States as Green Card Processing Time Soars to Nearly 2 Centuries

Green Card Waiting Time in India

The United States is becoming increasingly difficult for Indian nationals to migrate to under US green card programs. As of July 2020, the backlog for Indians to receive a permanent resident card is more than 195 years. This staggering new figure effectively ends any hope Indian nationals have at securing permanent residency in the US.

“Even if we give their children this limbo status, none of them will have a prayer of becoming a US citizen,” Senator Mike Lee said on the US Senate floor. Senator Lee of Utah led a conversation in the US Senate about the hopelessness many Indian families face as they desperately wait their turn in the massive 2 century-long backlog.

This stunning new figure comes as the United States and the Trump Administration continue to crack down on immigation. The crisis has been exacerbated in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic causing processing times to grind to a near halt.

Now Indian families who are seeking H-1B visas, or who are already in the United States under the H-1B visa program, are stuck in a state of limbo and uncertainty as to whether or not they will ever have the opportunity to receive a US green card. In many cases Indian children have aged past the under 21 requirement to continue to reside in the US under the H-1B program, and face deportation if they cannot receive their permanent residency status.

“You’re making great sacrifices for them and then the day comes when they reach the age of 21 and they can be deported and your family divided,” added Senator Dick Durbin.

As the United States continues to grapple with extremely long processing times, Indian nationals and other foreign investors are seeking alternative routes to access the right to reside and work in the US. Citizenship by Investment programs are quickly becoming a popular option for Indians seeking education and work opportunities for their families.

What is Citizenship by Investment?

Citizenship by Investment, sometimes referred to as Economic Citizenship, is a process by which foreign nationals can receive a second citizenship in exchange for a monetary investment in the target country. The foreign investor’s money is typically invested in a government-approved real estate or economic development project.

The amount of money required to invest and receive citizenship and travel privileges varies for every country. Some countries can be quite costly. The citizenship by investment program in Cyprus, for example, costs up to €2,000,000. Other countries such as Grenada offer much more affordable second citizenship programs, with investment packages costing under US $300,000.

Many foreign investors seek citizenship by investment programs for these reasons:

Family Benefits 

The investor’s spouse and children under 21 can access better education and work opportunities in the host country.

Business Opportunities

Citizenship by investment typically opens the door for foreign investors to establish companies in the host country, or access other potentially lucrative global investment opportunities.

Citizenship by Investment in Grenada

Grenada has become a very attractive country for citizenship by investment because of its relationship with the United States. Grenadian nationals can apply for the US E-2 visa, which allows investors and their immediate family to reside and work in the United States. 

Grenada is unique in that it holds a treaty of navigation and commerce with the United States. This relationship opens many doors for foreign investors whose goal is to gain access to the best education and employment opportunities in the US. 

A Reliable Path To Citizenship

There have been concerns in recent years that citizenship by investment programs are not reliable, and indeed, there are many unscrupulous business practices around the world that have led some people to believe these investment programs are not viable options for foreigners. There is no doubt that there are many development firms that make promises to investors and host countries that they will deliver on their economic program or real estate development, only to disappear and never break ground!

Reputable citizenship by investment programs do exist and are offering extraordinary benefits to foreign investors seeking a reliable path to citizenship and a way into the United States. Range Developments has an impeccable track record in the Caribbean as a reliable citizenship by investment firm that delivers world class developments on time. 

Range Developments has delivered two world-class luxury hotels in the Caribbean: Park Hyatt St. Kitts, and InterContinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa in Dominica. Both projects were completed on time and investors have enjoyed the freedom and benefits of their citizenship by investment. 

To learn more about Grenada Citizenship by Investment, visit our Citizenship by Investment Library, your comprehensive guide to investing in the Caribbean and United States.


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